Thursday, October 3, 2013

baby antlers and booties

Finally, my favorite month has begun. Oh, October. The changes in light, the smell of woodsmoke lingering in the air, the chill creeping in. The reds, russets, rusts, and golds clinging to the trees, swirling down in gusts of wind, and waiting for footfall to crunch through.

Jude won't eat his cereal, but he'll eat as many leaves as he can get his hands on. When we sit outside together I'll often find his fingers wrapped around a leaf. He tastes each leaf thoughtfully and goes back for more. I keep fishing stems and other leaf litter out of his mouth. He also plucks purple mums from my pots, and we sprinkle their petals like confetti on the porch steps. We watch the birds flying south. They make a ruckus in the trees and sky that he sometimes imitates.

The Baby Antler cardigan and booties are to keep him warm on our daily outings. He's so snuggly wrapped in all that wool!


  1. What a beautiful set you made ... as for Jude's new love of eating leaves, does that count as extra roughage? : )

  2. You have really made a beautiful outfit, it's so cute. Leaves, sand, stones...everything goes into their mouth hahaha....

    Have a nice time!

    Lluisa xx

  3. This is a cute set for baby. Ah, the putting in the mouth stage. Don't expect that to end until about three.

  4. Beautiful work. Abby still puts things in her mouth that she shouldn't, and she's 7 1/2. I say it just built up her immune system :)

  5. A set of antlers for your young faun, how appropriate as the seasons turn. There is something very special that only a knitting mama will understand, in seeing your own child wrapped up in something warm that you have made. Enjoy that sweet feeling!

  6. Lovely cardi and booties! Hum, cereals are so much better than leaves ;-)

  7. So darling. And fitting for the little leaf eater. ;)
    I'm happy you two are enjoying such peaceful, beautiful moments.

  8. October is my favorite month too! For all the same reasons as yours, as well as my birthday starts the month :) & my mom's is the following week... right next to our wedding anniversary... so I guess it is a pretty full month. :)
    Haha, I remember babysitting and the kids doing the same thing with leaves :-P I love the roughage comment, too.
    I just love this jacket and bootie set! Too cute! I bet Jude is also the best dressed on the block, as well as the snuggliest! :)


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