Sunday, September 29, 2013

gratitude sunday

My husband's grandpa passed away this week. It's been an emotional time, but it's also been time to take stock of some good things. I'm sitting here on a Sunday night with a cup of hot tea, my hair still wet from a warm shower. Jude is sound asleep, and I've got a good book waiting on my bedside table.

This week I'm grateful for:

  • hearing Jude's belly laughs and watching him interact with many generations of family.
  • being with my husband's family to say goodbye to his grandpa.
  • celebrating my husband's birthday with him.
  • knitting baby bear hats for two little girls expected to arrive in the coming weeks.
  • teaching a friend to knit.
  • receiving a skein of handspun yarn.
  • finishing a sweater, hat, and booties for Jude. (He will be the warmest baby on the block.)
  • going to a festival downtown, where I finally figured out what 3-D printing means.
  • letting fall breezes blow through open windows.
  • spending a rainy afternoon at a coffee shop.
  • feeding Jude his first solid food. (He's not so sure he likes it.)

knitting lesson

* * * * *

What good things are going on in your life? I'd love to hear what you're appreciating lately.


I'm joining up with Wooly Moss Roots for Gratitude Sunday.


  1. It is important to be grateful even for the more tittle things.
    I am sorry for your lost.

    Have a nice week!!


  2. Sorry to hear about your loss but happy to read about the lovely things also happening in your life. Those baby bear hats are the sweetest!

  3. So many good things to be grateful for especially hand spun yarn :)

  4. I'm sorry for your loss. My husband just lost his grandmother a month ago so we've been going through similar emotions around here.

  5. My condolences to you all. It's hard to lose a beloved ohana member.
    Great list of things you're thankful for.
    I'm thankful for my husband and two girls. Without them, my world would be so empty. I'm thankful for our general good health. There are so many ppl who struggle with illnesses or who have to watch their loved ones suffer through one.

  6. What a gift gratitude can be at these times. I am grateful for the silly songs my four year old makes up, the creative intensity of my six year old and their peaceful breathing in the night.

  7. Sorry for your family's loss. I'm glad you are taking stock of the good things, acknowledging them.
    Those bear hats are so darling. My cousin will be having a baby this winter so a bear hat in a sweet girly color might do the trick!
    Right now I am grateful for my parents, who have been married for 31 years today. And that glorious autumn sun.


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