Wednesday, November 30, 2011

button making

"Can I borrow your hacksaw?" I asked my father-in-law as I bounced into his kitchen on the morning after Thanksgiving. 

He didn't say yes. 

Instead he politely inquired why in the world I'd need a hacksaw and then volunteered to help me with the project I had in mind (probably to protect his hacksaw).   We He spent the morning making buttons for my Levenwick cardigan inspired by these handmade ones. We used a walnut dowel rod he had hanging around his workshop, sanded the edges, sliced off 1/4 inch pieces with a bandsaw, and drilled the holes. The buttons are finished with sealer and varnish.


drill bits 

almost finished


I'm glad our buttons are more polished and less rustic because I had some concerns about snagging my sweater on hacksawed buttons. Not so with these shiny guys. They'll be perfect for my Levenwick!


  1. What a sweet father in law you must have. They are perfect.

  2. They look great- you are a braver girl than me to wield a hacksaw... just found your pretty blog. ~Kelly

  3. How awesome! And so sweet that it was a collaboration. They look lovely. Can't wait to see the whole sweater come together--with handmade buttons and all.
    I have always wanted to make buttons (or pendants) out of gourds---some of the patterns on them are so lovely!

  4. Homemade buttons! What are you going to get yourself into next? I'm impressed.

  5. oh, I love those! question - you mention sealer and varnish, can they go in the wash? I'm asking because I've been meaning to have a go at making wooden buttons, but I don't know how "delicate" they are.

  6. How talented! I like the idea of wooden buttons!

  7. How wonderful thosse buttons are. Might advise FIL that he could have a great future on Etsy. :)

  8. thanks so much for your reply on my blog, Allison - sadly, it looks like wooden buttons are probably not for me, because I do wash all our woolens in the washing machine (wool setting, of course, an option all washing machines I've ever seen in Europe have). still, I'm not giving up, and will at some point try them. happy sunday!

  9. Wow...someday I hope to join you with the hacksaw. I'm kinda bummed that I have to buy my buttons!

  10. Absolutely LOVE those buttons! I have a mind to ask my husband to make some for me.... though I don't have a project to use them on yet. ...
    I love how brave & creative you are!

  11. What a sweet story and a fab project! Can't wait to see them on the finished project. I have some (not made by me) wooden buttons to be sewn onto a knitting project this week too! Hip, hip, hooray!

  12. The look awesome...what a nice bonding time and project! Looks like they're made of maple?


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