Thursday, December 8, 2011


solid vanilla perfume. clementines. green tea.

This blog is about moments. I've written that before, but what I've left unspoken is that it's a blog about good moments.

I haven't written much about my job. It's pretty much a mixed bag of moments. I work for an IT company, which requires me to spend 8-10 hours a day in front of a computer screen. Sometimes my eyes go out of focus, and sometimes I feel bad about all the time I spend with computers. Wendell Berry makes me think I need to hightail it out of the office and into the fields. Maybe someday.

But for now I want to savor the good moments in my days.

I get to talk with college professors every day.

I create online courses for colleges all over the U.S.

I work with smart, talented, funny people.

And I fill every spare moment with good things--tangible things--in an effort to live and appreciate a "three-dimensioned life." Clementines. Tea. Vanilla perfume. Knitting. Origami. Books. Crocheting. Walks.



  1. Other than the 8-10 hours of staring at a computer screen, it does sound like many good moments! I'm on the search for more work come January, and I'm debating over whether I need to work full-time or not. Those moments of receiving hugs when picking up the girls from school, or seeing their smiles and laugther when I volunteer at their class parties or go on their field trips make committing to at least 40 hours a week difficult!

  2. I am a clementine, tea, vanilla perfume, and walks kinda gal.

  3. You're focusing on the positive aspects....good for you! Now, when you're ready to make a change, you might want to read "Radical Homemakers" by Shannon Hayes (have I recommended that book to you before, if so, sorry), a collection of stories of people who have left their jobs to focus on things at home, becoming a bit self-sufficient...enjoying more time at home, doing what you love. It's not possible for everyone, but it's my dream.

  4. I've been dreaming of "hightailing it to the fields" as well! I'm trying not to stare at a computer screen as much and instead *make* more, *do* more, *be* more.
    I love that you keep so positive (at least here on your blog) through it all. Though, if you need to share the bad moments here as well, just to get them off your chest, you're more than entitled. :)

  5. Hey, A!
    Glad to hear that work is proving to be so fulfilling! It's wonderful to love what you're doing - then it never really feels like work!
    (P.S. - I was so excited when I saw the perfume solid make an appearance on the blog.) :-)

  6. In today's workplace, I think we are all becoming more glued to our computers which is really sad. Just try to make your little workspace enjoyable and savor the time away from work!

  7. I feel the same way about balancing my less-than-perfect day job with the other aspects of my life.....


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