Wednesday, July 6, 2011

yarn along: knitting for japan

Hello. Is it Wednesday again already? I can't believe it's been a whole week since we last talked. Since then I had some great time touring around the city with my out-of-town guest. There really is a lot to do in Kentucky. I'm excited to share our adventures with you. Since we last talked I also had a good first day of work (though mind-boggling in the amount of names and company lingo I have to learn). 

But what I really stopped in this morning to talk about is yarny things. Gosh, I love yarn and lately I've only had needles or hook in hand intermittently. I'm making slow progress on a sleeve and trying to finish up a hat for Japan. The deadline for the hat is looming (July 15th), so I need to get a move on. I'm using the Milanese Lace Topper pattern. The yarn is a greenish blue heather that changes hues in different light.

As for books, I've been reading snatches from The Architect of Flowers short story collection. There are some beautiful phrases and sentences in this book. If you're a word lover like me, you'll probably enjoy these stories. 

* * * 

What have you been up to this week?

* * * 

P.S. Sorry if you came here from Ginny's blog looking for crochet. I don't have a crochet project pictured this week, but I forgot to change the description. 


  1. Best of luck with the new job!

    I really like that hat pattern. I'm sure the hat is going to be very pretty.

  2. The colour on the hat is great! Love it!

  3. wow that pattern is pretty!! And a gorgeous color!!

  4. You got a job! Hurray! It is frustrating though to have to head off to work when all you want to do is play with yarn. Some mornings I get up extra early just to have that play time.


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