Sunday, July 10, 2011

Knit for Japan Hat

My Knit for Japan hat is finally complete! I chose the Milanese Lace Topper because I liked the swirl of lacework. Also, the pattern was free, and I already had a ball of worsted weight yarn that I could use. The lace pattern took me longer than I'd care to admit, mostly because each repeat was similar to the round before, but not quite the same. I had to keep looking at the pattern to keep my place. As I progressed, I kept worrying that the brim would roll up because there was only one round of ribbing to anchor it. However, after wet blocking the brim isn't rolling at all. Score one for me.

I like how simple and feminine this hat turned out. I also like imagining who will end up wearing it. I picture it arriving halfway around the world and keeping a Japanese woman warm and pretty this winter. Maybe it will bring her some comfort knowing that people from all across the globe still think and care about the people of Japan. This hat is a small but intimate connection between me and a stranger. I don't know her, but she is on my mind.

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Thanks to Ginny for organizing the Knit for Japan group. 

If you want more details on this hat, check out my Ravelry page.

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I'm brainstorming ideas to make something for another Japanese stranger. My friend Fumiko just had a baby! Fumiko lives just outside of Tokyo, and when I heard from her after the earthquakes and tsunami she expressed worry about her baby and worry about her ability to respond to emergencies while seven months pregnant. I want to send her new little girl something handmade to celebrate her safe and joyful arrival. I'm undecided if I'll knit, crochet, or sew something for her. What's your favorite thing to make for a new baby? I'd love to hear your ideas!


  1. I just left a comment and it got lost.
    I love your hat, think I'll add to my ravelry list. I didn't get to knit any hats so I'm sending some scarves instead.
    I haven't knitted/crochetted for a baby but they have so many cute sweaters, vests and pants patterns for babies that I have seen around the blogs. Soulemama made a few if that helps.

  2. Well since I can't knit OR crochet, I sew! I like making chenille-backed bibs for new little ones because they're easy and customizable.

    Your hat is lovely!

  3. that hat is lovely, I love how you wrote about making it for a stranger, what a beautiful sentiment and thing to do
    i always think baby blankets are great

  4. The hat looks really gorgeous! That's so nice of you to make so beautiful stuff for a friend you just don't know! The receiver must be thrilled! :) A blanket or cardi would be lovely for a baby project, of course you can decide to knit or crochet or sew, whatever you like, it will turn out wonderful! :)
    Great week!x

  5. It's a great looking hat! I know your connection to Japan is a strong one -- it's great to know that you're keeping them in your thoughts. I'm sure it will be appreciated.

  6. What a lovely hat...someone will really like it! My fav thing to make for a baby is a toy: a kitten- or (see the middle of that post for my crochet version of could knit him)!

  7. Love it! It is so intricate!


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