Sunday, July 31, 2011


Today has been a slow Sunday.

K and I went on a couple of hot walks--one to the grocery and one to pay the rent. Even though I started sweating the moment I stepped out the door, I'm glad that we live near enough to walk to a lot of places, and I plan to keep walking despite the weather.

I took photos of flowers that I saw along the way (and may have snagged one growing from a crack in the sidewalk to put in a vase at home). I'm keeping mental notes of all the flowers I want to plant once I finally have a yard again. The list is long.

Our galley kitchen was crowded as K and I spent the afternoon preparing pitas, hummus, feta dip, and lemonade for dinner. The results were delicious, but the so much. Two cooks in a tiny kitchen with lots of food prep going on is just plain frustrating. When my shoes stuck to the floor because of spilled lemon juice and every surface seemed covered in flour, I took a mid-afternoon yoga break to keep myself from cussing anymore. When I felt calm again, I returned to baking bread only to burn my forearm on a 450* oven door. Yeah, so much for that not cussing idea. Some days aren't meant for cooking and I just have to accept that.

I did discover a new love: shandy. When I first heard mention of this beer and lemonade concoction I gagged a little. It sounded like a terrible combination. Rest assured, it is not. Shandy tastes like sweet, bubbly lemon soda, and I'm hereby dubbing it my drink of the summer.  

A sunny perch on the couch was the perfect place for knitting today. The baby cardigan for my friend is coming along quickly.

* * * 

How's your weekend? What have you been up to?


  1. I remember Shandies from my time in London. It does sound awful, but it's so good. Who knew? Well, besides the Brits. We've all had some bad kitchen moments. I've been working crazy hours and haven't seen the inside of my kitchen in about a week. Don't even ask what my kids have been eating. Hummis does sound good.....

  2. We went camping this weekend and it was so much fun, though a little on the hot side.
    I love all the photos. And I keep a journal of my future home and garden too!

  3. Oh, I remember shandy from my years in London - at the time it was the ladies' drink of choice - several half pints an evening!

  4. Ha, shandy was the drink we were allowed to drink as teenagers, while beer was still out of the question. Indeed perfect for a hot summer day.
    I hope your arm isn't burned too bad.

  5. Sounds like one of those days- ugh sorry love. Now on the other hand, Shandy sounds wonderful. Going to have to give them a go.

  6. Hope tomorrow is a wonderful Sunday--and it's a bit cooler and there are no burned arms and instead lots more flowers and drinks. And knitting!


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