Monday, August 16, 2010

Summer 2010 Vintage Swap

First off, let me just say that today is such a lovely day. The windows are open! I can feel the breeze blowing in as I type and the temperature is still under 80. It feels like a dream. 

Now, on to the Vintage Swap goodies. My partner was Amanda of Urban Almanac and she sent some doilies, a hand-adorned pillowcase, and a cheery yellow teapot. 

Over the years I've collected quite a few teapots, which I justify by telling myself that each teapot creates a different mood for a tea party. Some are small for solitary sipping, others are large and whimsical for more celebratory occasions. I am running out of room for teapots, so I've had to become pretty picky about which teapots I buy and which I leave at the store for someone else to love. 

This yellow teapot definitely has a spot in my life. I mean, it's yellow! Plus, it has such wonderful details, like the golden oak leaves and acorns and the little hook to secure the lid. I love it.

As proof that this teapot was meant just for me (and to better show off it's gorgeous color), it matches my sunshine chair perfectly. I see in my future quite a few fall evenings spent curled up in this chair, crochet project in hand, and this teapot steaming beside me. Cool breezes from the open windows will keep me company. I can't wait. Thank you, Amanda!

Here are the things I sent to Amanda. You'll notice that we both gathered yellow and green items. My finds ended up being very kitchen-y. I sent her a metal recipe box, buttons, a half-apron, a green Pyrex bowl, a wooden spool of yellow thread, and a zigzag hand towel. I hope she finds some use for these vintage items. 

I had a lot of fun picking things out with Amanda in mind and was thrilled to receive such a great teapot. I'm not sure when the next Vintage Swap will be, but if you want to participate, just keep your eye on this blog for more information.


  1. I had to laugh when I saw the metal recipe box! One identical to it lived in my kitchen growing up. My mom still has it. I am going to tell her that she is "vintage" :)
    It looks like it was a fun swap!

  2. I'm jealous! It was/is *so* muggy here today. After a couple days reprieve from the AC, it's back on. Oh, I can't wait for fall!
    And all these vintages are so lovely! I'll have to look into that vintage swap.

  3. A cute and very functional haul for everyone!

    Nice indeed.

  4. I could barely make it past your ripples! What a beauty that afghan is. When I finally moved on and saw that perfect green Pyrex, I had to smile. Much eye candy in this post.


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