Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Vintage linens

Somewhere along the lines, in my reading about quilting, I came across the idea that, "An imperfect finished quilt is better than a perfect unfinished quilt." Lately I seem to be applying that motto to my whole life, just trying to get things done rather than being a perfectionist about it. Take this post, for example. I rushed to take the photos late last night; the light was bad and I was short on time. I debated about retaking the photos and blogging about this another time, but no. I want to share this post with you now, so here it is in all its imperfections.

I have had a lot of luck finding vintage linens lately. Actually, my mom found the flowery sheet above and brought it by my house a couple of weeks ago. It's so pretty with its subdued colors and wild mix of flowers, which remind me a bit of the Sixty pattern here. I was thrilled and politely requested that Mom return to the thrift store and scoop up the remaining sheet like it (she did!).

I've got lots of plans for this lovely sheet, but I needed it in my life right away, so I made a simple envelope-backed pillow with french seams. It was my first attempt at french seams, and I'm so happy with the results because the seams look neat and clean. I'm also quite surprised at how easy it is to make french seams. Why didn't anyone tell me? I would have been sewing them long before now had I known. 

Here is the back (I told you up front the pictures were bad!). Those sunflowers make me smile and think of warmer days that are on the way. Can you feel the days getting longer? I sure can. I am loving the extra hours of sunlight.

My collection of vintage handkerchiefs is growing. Here are a few after being handwashed and hung to dry. They are so delicate! I picked up the blue one at the flea market and happened upon the other two at my mom's house. Lucky me, she let me have them.

These handkerchiefs aren't just for show, either. I've been using them ever since I posted about handkerchiefs back in December. I haven't completely switched from tissues yet, but I think the more I get used to handkerchiefs (and remembering to carry them), the less I'll be using tissues.

Lastly, here are some more vintage sheets I found at the thrift store last weekend. It was an amazing weekend for thrifting, apparently. I love this combination of patterns in greens, yellows, and deep turquoise. These are going to be made into a present for someone special and I'm so excited about it! Can you hear the giddiness? My fingers are just dancing across the keyboard.

Happy mid-week! Yes, yes, halfway done. Hope it's going well for you!


  1. So much goodness here. I'm with you...that turquoise/yellow print is sweet.

    Your lighting really isn't that bad. But I can totally sympathise. I never feel like my pics have that perfect amount of light.

  2. I love that you posted the post - even if you thought the photos weren't good enough. I struggle with that, too - as far as photos and words. I like the quilt motto. I may have to tape it to my laptop. :)


  3. Be still my heart -- you are posting about vintage sheets and all the wonderful things you are making. You just know I would love this! And I didn't know that Liberty was at Target. Many years ago, I went to the original Liberty store in London -- what an experience. I must head to Target now! I can't wait to see all that you create with your sheets. (And, I too have a collection of vintage hankies -- love them!).

  4. Great fabric finds!
    I love French seams. I did them quite a bit before I got a serger and always enjoyed them. They make the finished project so nice and neat.

  5. Congratulations for jumping right in and making it! I love the material! How pretty. Now you will see and enjoy it all the time.

  6. Love the floral fabric!! Any chance you'll be selling pillows like this soon? It would go great in my bedroom. ;)


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