Friday, February 26, 2010

Old-fashioned dinner rolls + links

These rolls, these rolls...They are soft and flavorful and a little bit mysterious. It seems they disappear! Rachel, who writes the Heart of Light blog, calls them "Fly off the plate rolls," and she's not kidding.

These are yeast rolls, good for weekends or days off when you can start them around lunchtime so they'll have time to rise for dinner. I made these on Monday, my work-at-home day, to go with a big pot of chili for dinner. 

I did worry briefly about having so many rolls and only two people to eat them. Of course, K and I had no problem. These rolls are excellent the next day (and the day after...and again the next day...) sliced and filled with your favorite sandwich fixings. We filled ours with egg salad, and lunches this week have been pretty amazing!

The recipe is here. I've made these twice, once Rachel's way with milk and once with the milk powder the original recipe called for. Both were spectacular! 

The flavor of these rolls reminds me of my Grandma Alice's batter rolls. It's old-fashioned, yeasty, and buttery. I love my grandma's recipe and will always make hers for holidays (it just wouldn't be the same), but I must say that the Fly off your plates are easier and take less time. Grandma's batter roll recipe calls for scalding milk, folding the dough a special way, and tucking a pat of butter into each individual roll. Delicious? Yes. Reminiscent of childhood holidays? Of course. Fast? Not exactly.

So the Fly off your plate rolls will be my go-to for easy, simple suppers. As an added bonus, I think these rolls bake up beautifully. It may be that I'm longing for spring so much that I'm seeing the signs of it everywhere, but doesn't it look like a flower? 

* * * * * 

Links of things I'm loving (and thought you might like, too):

Tyrol Hat: I'm so in love with this hat. Old-fashioned and whimsical, sign me up. 

Cardigan Re-vamp: I would love to reinvigorate a sweater like this. I don't think I've ever mentioned it here, but I'm kind of cardigan fiend. As in, I wear a cardigan pretty much every day. I can't help myself, I love them so! 

Bib dress: Novita made such a pretty dress in just my style--girly and twirly.

Lemon tea and blueberries: I think I could make time for this one. Doesn't it look like such a gorgeous, calming moment?

Quilts and pillows from vintage kimono fabric: A riot of color and snuggly to boot! Makes me long to take a trip to Japan and comb through their thrift stores. They have amazing used shops!

* * * * * 

Have a wonderful weekend! I've got a test tomorrow which I'm antsy about, but I'm going to a maple syrup festival on Sunday. I've never been before but it sounds like fun. I'm hoping to see a tree being tapped and the sap running! If you're local, you should check it out. It's this weekend and next.


  1. They are almost too pretty to eat -- and yes, they look like a flower. Good luck on your test.

  2. Stomach. Growling.

    You have the best links. LOVE that Tyrol hat. Too awesome.

    Good luck...

  3. The rolls are beautiful! I want to give them a try.
    Hope they have maple cotton candy at your festival! Get some if they do.

  4. please send some fresh ones to london for me. kthanks :)


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