Wednesday, June 24, 2009


We didn't spend much time at the farmers market yesterday. It was swelteringly hot, so that moving seemed like a punishment. We did get some good vegetables, so it's not so bad. We got 2 small heads of lettuce, kale, garlic, onions, baby squash, purple haze carrots, and regular carrots. As always, our CSA is through Finger Picking Farms.

K and I already used our baby squash. We sauteed it and added it to our skillet nachos last night. We'd never made nachos before, but they turned out to be easy and delicious. I love it when that happens.

My mom is coming for dinner on Thursday, so we've planned to make a big salad with that there lettuce, roast the carrots on the grill, and cook out burgers--veggie burger for me and burgers made with local beef from Misty Meadows farm for K and Mom. I'd also like to roast some potatoes and local onions on the grill with some thyme from my garden.

* * * * *

Garden update: The garden flourishes! I think it has to do with our current jungle-like climate. All of the tomato plants look wonderful. The Amish paste has always been in the lead, so it has the biggest tomatoes (a little bigger than a golf ball). I have seen some little tomatoes on the Black Krim, which I am so excited to see ripen. They're supposed to be a maroonish color.

We've harvested a couple of green peppers, the jalapenos should be ready to pick in a few days, and the watermelon plant is blossoming. I can't believe how big that watermelon plant has gotten. Luckily, I left it a full third of the garden, plus it can grow outside the lines. I don't care. I just want to eat some fresh, ripe watermelon.

The herbs look great! The thyme, mint, and lemon balm are doing the best. We've also got a couple of basil plants going strong. I keep meaning to make tea some morning from the mint, lemon balm, and anise hyssop, but I always forget. I'll make it soon, I hope.

I hope you're having a wonderful, fruitful week!

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