Sunday, June 7, 2009

Art in Public Places

The art I see when I'm out on a walk fascinates me. I love murals, sculptures, sidewalk inscriptions, and interesting graffiti. I always wonder about the artists behind the work and about the reactions of passersby.

I did a study of art in public places when I was living in the Netherlands, where I found my favorite art at construction sites. They'd hire different artists to paint the barricades they placed around construction areas, which resulted in colorful and diverse paintings displayed right there on the street. It definitely made the inconveniences of construction--noise, detours, etc.--more tolerable.

Without further ado, here are some recent findings from my walks about town.

Seek 'n' Find: Fleur de lis, Churchill Downs, Belle of Louisville, a Louisville Slugger, Thunder Over Louisville, horse, Colgate clock, the baseball stadium*

Neighborhood pride

Person or soap?

* * *

*Does anybody get this reference? I have no idea why he's taking a bath in the baseball stadium.

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