Tuesday, October 28, 2014

shawl weather

A Shaelyn shawl, rich and red, kept me cozy for an impromptu breakfast picnic with my boys. We sat on a bench and watched the leaves fall as we spooned yogurt straight from the carton, took giant bites of fresh baked bread topped with almond paste, and sipped hot coffee with milk. It was one of those moments I could just live in: the sun still rising, the air cool with morning dampness, the trees ruddy with fall, the three of us together.

All photos taken in Hunt Park, Ann Arbor, Michigan, where we last visited four years ago. I wouldn't at all mind making an annual fall pilgrimage to that bench.


  1. I like your shawl very much.. and all the photos are so beautiful. :)

  2. Gorgeous color everywhere in this post! I love your Shaelyn ~ I've made two and given them both away. I'd love to have a red one for myself, I think. The Miss Babbs yarn looks amazing ~ did you love working with it?

  3. What a wowza red. The last shot is spot on. This shawl looks soft and a loving hug.

  4. It looks absolutely gorgeous! I knit a Shaelyn not a long time ago, and I absolutely adore it.

  5. That shawl is so beautiful! I would love to make myself a shawl... just need to figure out how to wear it!! :P

  6. Your Shaelyn is just gorgeous! The pattern is already on my to-knit list, but I'm moving it to the top of my queue.

    We've been wanting to visit Ann Arbor for quite a while -- looks like it's worth the trip.

  7. What a pretty red, your shawl is perfect. And I love, love your location! Those leaves are gorgeous!!


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