Monday, February 11, 2013

pots: glazed


Here is a smattering of pots I made in my ceramics class last fall. It felt great to sit at the wheel with a ball of clay and just see what my hands would make. My goal for the class was to make some bigger pieces, and although none of my pots are huge, I did make some decent-sized soup bowls. As you can see, I had a lot of fun experimenting with glazes.

I'm taking another ceramics class now and am focusing on mugs. I worried that it would be too difficult for me to work at the wheel in my third trimester, but I haven't had any problems. 

I've discovered that I'm a process potter and a product knitter. I knit because I want so many knitted things, but I make ceramics because the process feels so good. I can turn off my brain and just let my hands shape the clay. 

* * *

Do you makes things for the products or the process? 
Does it differ with the craft for you, too?


  1. Allison, these are so beautiful! The glaze is really pretty. For me, knitting is both process and product... I do love the finished pieces, but aside from yoga or a glass of wine, knitting is my favorite way to relax. I do love the process of watercolor painting.

  2. Hi, these bowls are just gorgeous, I like the shape, the color...I just love them, I would like to do some ceramics class, maybe in the future...

    I do love the process of crochet, feeling the yarn between my hands and just thinking with what I am doing, nothing else.....but I am open to try different ways of craft :)

    Have a nice week!!

    Lluisa x

  3. They are so beautiful. Glad to hear you can still sit at the wheel and are getting so much joy from the process.
    I can definitely see how one would be a process potter. There is something so natural to working clay on a wheel. You use little to no tools other than your hands. You feel your way through. Knitting seems a bit more left brain--counting, following patterns and repetitions.

  4. I agree, I see making art as a form of meditation. It's definitely therapeutic. I'd love to take a ceramics class, your work is beautiful.


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