Wednesday, February 6, 2013

simple socks and knitting inspiration

My brain has been knitting-obsessed lately. Knit, knit, knit. My blue featherweight cardigan is nearly finished; I have only about an inch of the collar left to go! I hope it will be ready to wear by next week. I'm anxious to have it off the needles and on my shoulders!

Oh, but on to these socks! These are the simple socks I knitted for K as a Christmas gift. He's worn them multiple times (more than the obligatory once), so I think he likes them. However, he politely hinted that, although knitted gifts are nice, they should not replace board game gifts. Hint taken. Next year he'll get a handmade gift and a game. We are a board game geek and a knitting nerd. Sometimes our bedtime reading consists of board game instructions and knitting patterns. No joke. Our baby will have plenty to be embarrassed about someday!

The free sock pattern served as an OK guide, but it contained a couple errors. I spent a frustrating time trying to figure out where I went wrong before I discovered the pattern was off. Luckily, other knitters had already found these errors and figured out solutions. Check out my Ravelry notes for their tips.

K likes the simple style of these socks and the interest the contrasting heel and toe add. They're knit in worsted weight yarn, but they're still thin enough to wear with regular shoes.

* * *

Knitting inspiration lately:

Luxurious hat (My friend wore this last week and before I knew it, I was petting her head. Oops!)

A perfect lacy shawl (I've got a serious style crush on this lady!)

* * *

I'm convinced by all you mama bloggers that there will be knitting after baby. Maybe not right after, but I think I can make it happen soon enough. So, I've decided to buy yarn to make myself a sweater come autumn (my mom gave me a gift certificate for Quince and Co., lucky me!). I'm having so much fun choosing a sweater pattern; I like thinking of all the possibilities. Cardigans seem to be the best choice because I don't know what to expect of my after-baby body, and I can always wear cardigans unbuttoned if they're too snug. Here are a few front runners:

Annabel Cardigan (with pockets! I'm in love with those pockets! If you love them too, check out Lori's tutorial.)


Do you have any favorite sweater patterns I should check out?


  1. I like the contrast of the heels and toes with the other parts. Really awesome how your husband wears them. Good for you on working on something for yourself. Yes, cardigans are a good choice. I had taken a top-down class after my second daughter. Two months after my sweater didn't fit b/c all of a sudden I lost some of that baby weight.

  2. I think the socks are great! I also have a nerdy husband. Have you seen on Etsy, a pair of badges, one reads, "I'd rather be smooching my crafty wife" and the other "I'd rather be smooching my nerdy husband"? I think they are sweet! Thanks for all the blog inspirations, some new to me ones to check out.

    As for a sweater, I really love the Annabel cardi!

  3. The socks look great. I printed this pattern the same time as the Warm and Cozy Pattern. I ended up opting for the second because I wasn't to comfortable with picking up stitches.

    Luckily everyone seems to be wearing the socks I made even though they are all a little wonky and beginner-ly.

    Choosing a cardigan pattern could be hard---they all look so lovely.

  4. Look at those fantastic socks! Love them, they look wicked cozy. Thank you for sharing my pink socks, they were such a great knit.
    I think we all have a crush on Lori. How can you not?
    I vote Gnarled Oak cardi...drool!


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