Friday, January 7, 2011

Winter Walk Hat

This morning K and I took a winter walk. I (appropriately) wore my new Winter Walk hat. We made a point of taking a different route from our usual one. I love walking down streets I've never seen before. 

I scouted out good photo shoot locations, finally settling on this stone wall. Getting shots of my new hat was harder than I expected because I had to hold my breath and attempt to smile at the same time. It was so cold that my breath was steaming and my nose was running, which makes for some pretty glamorous photos. 

I used Lisa Naskrent's Stone Path hat pattern. It's amazing! Two different cable patterns plus popcorn stitches made this really fun to crochet. I think the brim is pretty genius because it duplicates the stitches of the hat, making it look like one continuous design. This is actually the very first crochet pattern I've bought. I usually just use free patterns because there are lots of good ones out there, but I loved this hat. It is definitely worth paying for! However, you can try it out for free. It's part of a free ebook download from Crochet Me.


Name: Winter Walk Hat

Pattern: Stone Path Hat

Yarn: Knitpicks Gloss in Porcini (a blend of wool and silk that is warm and soft)

Hook: E (3.5 mm)

Made for: Me

A note on the color:

I picked out the pattern for this hat a long time ago then spent ages fretting over what color yarn to use. At first I thought yellow, since it's my favorite color and so cheery in winter. Then I wore a yellow scarf to work one day. A coworker complimented it, saying she loved the color combination of the Kelly green and bright yellow--it reminded her of corn. She meant this comment in the nicest way, but I cringed. I imagined myself with a yellow hat and green coat. I'd look like a giant ear of corn that had escaped from an elementary school Thanksgiving play. Not quite the sophisticated look I was going for. The soft brown makes me look less like a vegetable (at least I think so).


  1. I love this one! You did a great job. I prefer this color to yellow myself but then again, I always go with neutrals for my clothes because I am happiest blending in with the background!

  2. I love this hat you did a great job and the pictures look great. I think I may give it a try I don't know when but hopefull this winter. I love the pattern

  3. this is beautiful!! I don't crochet (yet), so I'm admiring all your talent! and the color you chose is just great with your winter coat. thanks for your kind words on your recent visit to my space!

  4. It turned out so well...wool and silk sound very cozy. Pretty stone wall behind you. I like taking different ways...same old gets boring everytime!

  5. Wow!! The hat looks great on you! Love the stitch definition too. I have the magazine, I just didn't tag this pattern. THanks for reminding me!

  6. That's too bad that the green and yellow combination is ruined for you....I never would have thought corn, but now that it's in my head, yeah -- I can see that.

    Your hat came out just lovely. May you take many a happy walk while wearing it.

  7. It's a gorgeous hat! This neutral tone will go with so much. Looks great with your green coat.

  8. Excellent color choice. Not once did I think "vegetable".

    Free download? I'm headed there now.

  9. I love this hat. It's gorgeous. I love the color too. I think it would have been lovely in yellow also but I know what you mean when someone puts a thought into your head and you just can't shake it.

  10. Adorable hat! And thanks for sharing the story-behind-the-photo bit about your runny nose ... those things always crack me up :-)


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