Tuesday, January 4, 2011

She was a January Girl

A collection of pretty garnet things to brighten up this gray winter day.

Click on image for source.

* * * * * 

Today I'm baking buttermilk bread, making mushroom soup, and reading to my heart's content. I'm pretending that the return of school and work are not just around the corner.

What's going on at your place today?


  1. I am in denial about the return of school and work. I haven't finished nearly enough books ahead of time, but I am enjoying lounging in the desert scenery while memories of my childhood drift through the air.

    I love the color you chose for this post--very invigorating! I also like the word choice for your previous post, although I have no idea how you narrowed it down to one word! I hope you continue to have fun on the remaining days of your vacation!

  2. Wow, just love garnet.....beautiful.

    Chores outdoors first, then to make some soup!

  3. Mmm definitely a nice cheery color for these frigid winter days.

    Today has been the usual blur of making sure children are in the right place at the right time, a trip to the library, helping out with homework, reading books to my little ones and the completion of one jigsaw puzzle. I still hope to fit in some soup making too.

  4. Totally jealous of you, my friend. I've been slaving away with end-of-year and new year projects. It's painful getting out of a cozy bed to head into work. Red is my color. Enjoy your days.

  5. Hey, my birthstone is garnet too. Your collection is very cool!

    Well, hopefully tomorrow I will have a day to relax~ fiddle around with my camera, maybe bake something and try to make some garden markers out of spoons. :)


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