Monday, November 23, 2009

First Snowfall Button Necklace

The first snowfall is predicted for this week. I'm nearly bursting with anticipation. I fully expect the forecasted snow to turn out to be a cold gray rain, but maybe, just maybe...

We'll have snow.

 I love the feel and smell of the air during the first snow--crisp and fresh with a bit of magic and woodsmoke mixed in. Catching snowflakes on my tongue, crunching through new powder, and spinning round til I tumble onto a quiet white ground. These are the activities I can't wait for!

Name: First Snowfall Button Necklace

Color: Crisp white with a hint of shimmer

Perfect to wear while:
drinking hot cocoa
       attending festive parties
               visiting friends and family, etc.

Have you already had the first snowfall of the season where you live?


  1. How funny -- I was playing with buttons over the weekend and was going to do a post tomorrow on my little creations (colorful button magnets). I love your necklace. Now I want to make one! Have a happy day and a happy Thanksgiving. And no snow here -- thank you very much!

  2. I've written this on a couple of blogs before, but isn't there something magical about that fist snow..? It's like the earth is holding its breath, no? Everything becomes so quiet and muffled.... I love it - and I love your necklace and the little card that comes with it.

    Have a great Thanksgiving if I don't have a chance to stop by again before then...



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