Tuesday, November 3, 2009

CSA Day: The Last One

On our very last CSA day of the year, we got an abundance of vegetables. Nothing like going out with a bang!
This week we'll be eating broccoli, turnips, potatoes, kale, radishes, mixed salad greens, green peppers, and sweet potatoes, all from Finger Pickin' Farms.
The eggs are from Misty Meadows Farm.

It's hard to believe we've eaten our way through a whole growing season of CSA vegetables.
I recently heard someone describe their CSA as "like Christmas, but with vegetables," and yeah, it does feel exciting every week getting new and unexpected produce. I've loved seeing what we get each week, learning about vegetables I've never heard of before, and figuring out just what to make with what we have. Meal planning has definitely changed because instead of pulling meal ideas out of thin air, K and I survey what we've got already in the fridge to see what we can make. Our CSA subscription has also really made me appreciate eating fresh fruits and vegetables when they're ripe and in season. I don't mind waiting until spring for strawberries or mid-July for tomatoes because they taste so much better than what I can find in the grocery store when they're out of season.

We got so many sweet potatoes this week that I couldn't fit them all into the photo. (Ok, sometimes I'm just bad at taking pictures, but we did get a lot of sweet potatoes.) I've got lots of ideas for them swimming around in my head.
K and I really like Indonesian Sweet Potato and Cabbage soup, which has peanut butter in it. That's definitely in our near future. Since there are enough to play around with, I'm thinking of sweet potato biscuits from this fun cookbook.
How do you like to eat sweet potatoes?

This kale is gorgeous with its dusky greens and rich purple tones.

And these radishes! I can't get over their deep pink and white prettiness. They're such a welcome burst of brightness since the leaves outside have turned dull and brown.

Radishes in a jar, ready to be pickled.

Thanks to Nick and Luke and everybody else who worked behind the scenes at Finger Pickin' Farms to keep us fed this year. We've loved it!

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