Wednesday, May 27, 2015

the blues

First, thank you for all your kindness in response to my reflection about my grandmother. I appreciate the support!

* * *

Lately I've found myself drawn to blues: soft, tranquil blues and deep, bold blues alike. Maybe it's in anticipation of beach days soon to come or just the calmness of the color. Whatever the reason, blue has been on my knitting needles.

My husband is taking classes, so we have a new schedule around our house that begins at daybreak. This week I've been able to squeeze in a few rows of knitting in bed before my boy awakes. It feels luxurious to knit at dawn, just me and a cup of tea. The yarn colorway I've been knitting is aptly named "Early Light" (in Plucky Knitter's Trusty base). The pattern is Gramps from Tin Can Knits, a classic shawl-collared cardigan. It's written for two colors, but I prefer it knit in all one color.

I also can't wait to cast on a scarf for my husband out of Brooklyn Tweed Shelter. I'm planning to adapt the Guernsey Wrap pattern, and I've got my eye on some handmade needles to make it.

* * *

Some heavy reading this week: Atul Gawande's Being Mortal, a doctor's fascinating take on U.S. medical care for the aging and terminally ill. Gawande looks at how the medical system's heavy focus on trying to fix medical problems can actually shorten and worsen our lives. He urges medical practitioners and patients (that's all of us at some point) to instead focus on what makes life worthwhile for each individual and proceed with medical care that takes those values into account. It was a hard read emotionally for me, but absolutely worthwhile. I want to recommend this to everyone I know! Have you read it? What did you think?

* * *

I'm joining in with the Yarn Along this week. 


  1. Your blog is amazing!! :)) Your words flow so well! You are a great writer who obviously has a passion for what they are writing about! It shows in your work! I would appreciate it if you would check out my blog and let me know what you think in a comment on a post you like! I would love to have a talented writers input! Keep up the great work!!! :))

    PS- if you follow one of my blogs I will follow yours back! :)))
    -Wanderlust Rach <3

  2. I love that Early Light color way. I want to steal it. No, I haven't read this nonfiction. Honestly, that genre does not occupy a huge space on my Goodreads. I give you props for tacking that book.

  3. I'm in love with blues too - yours are both adorable!
    The picture of you sitting in your bed at dawn with a bit of dreaminess still lingering around and a fresh day ahead looks very beautiful and peaceful to me. What a perfect way to start your day!
    Your book sounds interesting and hard at the same time. It's really a broad field but in short: I think our focus on 'fixing' rather than 'handling' and 'living with' illness is problematic and daunting. Also, by now I think most of us are ok to think and talk about mortality. But there is a really big slice of life in-between being young and healthy and dyeing that we tend to ignore.

  4. Gramps is my favorite baby boy knit!! I love the color of yours. Prayers for the memories of your Gran to sustain you in this time of sorrow.

  5. Such a beautiful shade of blue! I've heard amazing things about Being Mortal, it's definitely in my hit list.

  6. hello there, those blues are just gorgeous. they fit s well with the bliss of knitting and tea and solitude at dawn. lovely.

    and i read the last post - a beautiful honouring of what sounds like a wonderful woman.


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