Sunday, January 25, 2015

january socks

I'm sorely afraid that my January socks will end up being just a lonely January sock. I had an unfortuitous start when my yarn cake immediately turned into a yarn snarl. I've never had this happen before, and I haven't had the patience to untangle it yet. Instead, I just cut the yarn and kept knitting, which is fine until I run out of yarn.

So then I was knitting away, only it turns out that colorwork is not nearly as enjoyable on double-pointed needles as it is on circular needles. Or maybe it is once you get the hang of it? Obviously, I do not have the hang of it because my tension was too tight to begin with. The sock was then put in time-out for a week while I wondered if I needed to rip it out and begin again in a larger size, but I decided that I since I could get the sock on and it didn't cut off circulation, I could live with it.

Three weeks into January I finished my first sock, and even with all the issues, I love it. I really think it's a thing of beauty, one of the most impressive things (to me) that I've made with my own hands. And I considered framing it and calling it art and most importantly, calling it finished.

But no, I couldn't help myself. I've got another cuff on the needles and less than a week to finish. Hope springs eternal.

* * *

I'm joining the Monthly Sock Challenge, trying to make a pair of socks each month for a year. Needless to say, I'm thinking worsted weight for my February socks.


  1. Hi! I just came across your blog while visiting My Sisters Knitter. I can totally relate to your sock issue, I hate knitting socks on double pointed needles myself. So, I wanted to share with you my solution, 9" circular needles. I love them for socks. I have two pairs of each size so that I can knit both socks at the same time. :)
    Off to enjoy the rest of your blog.


  2. My color work socks always come out too tight, too. It's something I need to work on. But I don't have a lot of patience to get it done, I suppose. Good luck. And I think your sock is a thing of beauty, too!

  3. Try knitting the sock from the inside. This helps to keep the floats a bit looser. Love the finished sock.

  4. I've only done one colorwork, on a hat and I thought it was really hard to get my tension right. But I love these sock(s)! Too bad about that tangled yarn, I've had that happen to me once too. Good luck with the second one!

  5. I absolutely love your sock, and you are so right, it is a thing of beauty, congratulations!

  6. oh, keep going! I'm envious ~ I really want to try colorwork socks but my tension is so wrong/tight with floats that I know they won't fit

    yours are going to be gorgeous!!! who cares if you don't finish them until next month ~ you'll be so proud!!!!

  7. I love that sock pattern! it's on my list for this year socks for sure but yeah fair isle is tough and my tension gets weird. yours look awesome though so courage for sock #2 you can do it ;)

  8. It is a cute sock. It proudly shows your handiwork and looks warm. Colorwork can be tricky on DPNs. I would try that shorter circ.

  9. These are definitely a thing of beauty!! Your sock makes me want to try my hand at this pattern. Good luck with your second sock. I hope it is easier and smoother than your first :)

  10. it's a lovely sock! Hopefully the second is less stressful :)

  11. That looks great!! I love colourwork!


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