Monday, May 5, 2014


Outside has become a taboo word around our house, to be used only when a trip outdoors is imminent. Jude clambers for the door whenever he hears the word, and it's pretty heartbreaking (for everyone involved) if we aren't indeed going outside at that very moment. Luckily we've had some beautiful spring weather and have been able to spend lots of time outdoors. 

We go for daily walks and check out our neighbors' front yard garden. They're growing strawberries, kale, beans, and other things that I can't identify yet. It's a beautiful garden with trellises, raised beds, and a flower-lined path, the kind of garden I'd love to have but know that I couldn't maintain right now. Maybe someday.

We've also been stopping by some neighborhood pocket parks. They've got wide open meadows and so many trees. The dogwoods bloomed over the last couple weeks, so everywhere we went we saw pink and white blossoms, and now the petals rain down with every gust of wind. Sometimes I forget just how much I like spring.

This morning we worked in the garden. Jude keeps himself busy carrying around clumps of dirt and rocks that he finds. I finally planted lamb's ear and pinks, and we got some zinnia and sunflower seeds in the ground. I hope they grow!

* * *

Thanks for your suggestions on what to plant with a little one. I need to make another trip to the nursery to round out my garden plantings for the year.

What are you planting these days?



  1. I love seeing this little one in your posts. He is a treasure. I remember that she, always mobile and does not like the word no. I wish I could "shop" in your neighbor's garden!

  2. Yes! These photos make me smile. :)
    I got some radishes, lettuce and peas just popping up in the garden! Soon I hope to get the two flats of brassicas in the ground. We have a lot of kohlrabi to plant this year, including a purple variety. :)


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