Wednesday, March 20, 2013

yarn along

Today is my final day of bed rest! I'm looking forward to going for a walk, going upstairs (all my crafting supplies are there), eating at a restaurant (and at a table!), and organizing the nursery. Now the wait is really on for this baby. He could come in a few days or five weeks. But, oh, I really hope it's sooner rather than later.

* * * 

I'm participating in the yarn along for the first time in ages. I've been speeding away on the Umaro baby blanket, trying my hardest to finish it before the baby decides to arrive. I think I can manage to finish it by this weekend. I still have to follow along with the pattern on each row, so it isn't the most relaxing knit, but I'm getting faster. I love the classic look of the texture and lace.

And that's a yarn cake I wound with my own swift and yarn ball winder! Such magic!

* * *

I've been reading M.F.K. Fisher's How to Cook a Wolf, a cookbook she wrote during World War II. It's fascinating to read about food economy and rationing during the war and to learn tips for eating well even during hard times. I can't keep my attention focused on a plot for long these days, and this book is great to read in short snippets.


What are you working on this week?


  1. Oh no, I didn't know you were on bed rest. I hope everything is okay by now. I hope it was just due to being dilated early?

  2. Yipee!!!! bed rest is over and baby decided to wait!! I am happy for you. looking forward to pics of your son when he gets here. Congrats!!

  3. I am glad you are out of bed, that means that you are better :)

    I have just crocheted a headband for my friend's baby girl, I will post it on my blog soon, I think it's nice.

    Take care and enjoy!!

    Lluisa x

  4. how exciting! oh the days of counting down...
    and m.f.k. fisher, love! good luck with your blanket

  5. You must be so pleased to be out of bed. I'm not working on anything yarny this week, but I have helped my youngest make an Easter bonnet for the Easter parade at school!

  6. It is really good to read that you made it through your bed rest! Take very good care! It must be so exciting now! Have a great weekend!

  7. So glad to hear you'll be off bed-rest and can get out and about.

    All your creations for this little guys are so sweet. And your new swift is beautiful and no doubt making things easier.


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