Sunday, June 17, 2012


The hands you layed on clay
Kickwheeld, curling,
              creamd to the lip of nothing,
And coaxt to a white dancing heat that day
Will linger centuries in these towns and loams
And speak to men or beasts
When Japanese and English
Are dead tongues.

from "The Firing" by Gary Snyder


These are my pots, glazed and fired. I especially love the tea set. It's glazed pale, glassy green and has a reed handle that my teacher's husband made. 

The pottery class helped me brush up on my ceramics skills and rekindled my interest in working with clay. Luckily, I think I've found a way to make pottery on a more regular basis. My mind is reeling with possibilities; I'm eager to unite knitting and ceramics in some upcoming projects.


  1. What a beautiful tea set! I just love the color glaze you used.

  2. You could use the blue container as a yarn ball holder. Stick the end through one of the holes and knit away!

    I especially love the white mug. There's something very visually pleasing about the squat cup and extended handle.

  3. I'm so did a great job! ♥ I know it's hard to get your glaze exactly the way you want it, but I think that color is perfect. And that handle is way awesome!!!

  4. You made all of these? All the ones in the first photo? Impressive! I love the color of the tea set ones. And the mug in the bottom left of the top photo looks perfect for soup!


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