Monday, February 20, 2012

a rosa for emily

As soon as my coworker Emily found out I was a knitter, she asked if I'd make her a hat. She had a skein of sunset-colored yarn that was begging to be knit. I agreed.

Then the ball of yarn hung around my house for an embarrassingly long time. I excused myself with Christmas knitting, but after the new year, I started to feel guilty for promising a hat and not delivering. So I combed through Ravelry for a simple pattern that would show off the yarn and not distract from the colors. I also needed a pattern that could keep my interest.

SouleMama's Rosa fit the bill. I'd been wanting to try the faux cabling technique featured in her hat design. And then when I realized that I was making a Rosa for Emily, well, the lit nerd and the knit nerd in me combined into one super, happy nerd. All was right with the world.

The faux cables were fun and a little magic. They are easy to make and yet look complex. I can imagine incorporating this design feature into future projects. 

I didn't know what to expect from the yarn. I was surprised to find that the colors in the cable section slowly fade into one another, while the main part of the hat is striped. Who knew the stitches would work out that way? 

The hat is sweet and simple. I hope we get at least a tiny bit more cold weather so that Emily can wear her Rosa this season. I've given up my hopes for snow this year, though. Maybe next winter.


P.S. Don't you just love my vintage glass head? I looked for one for a couple of years before I found this one. It's perfect for blocking hats and not too creepy.


  1. Love the glass head, and that hat is adorable!!

  2. The hat is lovely and your friend is going to love it.
    What an awesome head, now I want to start looking for one here.

  3. It turned out so nice....I love how the yarn arranged itself into rows of rainbow so beautifully.

  4. It is simply beautiful. I love the way you have photographed it too. You make it look very special indeed and I am sure your friend will agree.


  5. love this hat, it is gorgeous! Amazing how the colours pool differently in the cabled part and the plain part. Your friend will just adore it.

  6. That's so cool they way the yarn worked out!


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