Friday, May 18, 2012

a knitting bag

Good morning! It's a chilly but sunny Friday morning here, and I have only eight coffee-fueled hours of editing ahead of me before the weekend officially begins! Then it's on to game night, the farmers' market, a bluegrass festival, and a day with K's parents. 

I'll be sure to take my new knitting bag along with me everywhere I go this weekend. Yes, I sewed a knitting bag to store my knitted bag. My Dejeuner Bag needed a bag of its own to keep the yarn from tangling, so I dug out some vintage sheet scraps and made this simple drawstring bag. Now, I'm not the most intuitive seamstress, so it has taken me a number of tries to find a method to make a decent drawstring bag. And now that I've finally found one, I've got visions of making many more. They're fast, useful, and pretty sweet. For this one here I used ribbon that my grandma gave me and leftover sheet fabric from these projects. The felt heart patch covers a hole in the fabric.

I'm easing back into sewing. I'm still such a beginner, and I hate being bad at things! But lately I've been feeling the itch to sew. I want try to make a skirt soon (one of these fabrics would look great!).

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