Saturday, May 5, 2012

good things lately

 Despite the recent storms, life has been full of some really good things lately. I thought I'd share.

Crocheting African flower hexagons outside is one of my new favorite things. I love having an outdoor space of my own now (except when the neighbor dog is out; she thinks I'm in her space and lets me know it).

{Our garden before the storm}

K made this raised bed with plans from The Vegetable Gardener's Book of Building Projects. It was his first solo woodworking project, and he did a wonderful job. The seats on each side of the bed make planting and weeding much easier. 

Also, even though the garden doesn't look as pretty after the hail storm, the plants are recovering well. I'm impressed by their resilience. We should have plenty of lettuce, chard, spinach, and kale in a few weeks.

{A new biscuit recipe}

We are breakfast-making people. Most weekends we'll make eggs or French toast or pancakes or biscuits. I usually make my tried-and-true biscuit recipe, but I just had to try out this drop biscuit recipe. The dough comes together quickly (great for bleary-eyed mornings) and produces light, slightly sweet biscuits. These biscuits are too delicate for our usual breakfast sandwiches, so we drizzled them with honey. Mmm... 

{A new mug. And a new class!}

I bought this mug at an art fair last weekend and love it so much that I signed up for one-on-one classes with the maker. I haven't been in a ceramics studio in six years! I'm so excited to get my hands in some clay.

{Game nights}

We have game nights several times each week. Sometimes it's just my husband and me, and sometimes we get together to play games with friends. Scrabble night doesn't happen often--we usually stick with newer strategy games. Our favorites right now are Dominion and Notre Dame.

* * * 

Also, today is the Kentucky Derby, which means drinking, gambling, and spending time with family. All good things.

What good things are going on in your life lately?



  1. Love the crochet, beautiful colours.

    I like the sound of your breakfasts, I often make a middle-eastern style breakfast for my family - keeps us going until evening!


  2. I found it:
    Maybe I'll make some, too. They're so pretty. What are you going to make with them? Your garden looks great, is it okay? Happy KY derby day...I love it for the gorgeous hats!!! ♥ And the beautiful horses, not the drinking and gambling. I hope the rain holds off a bit, we've sure had our share!

  3. I'd like to grab some of the breafast it looks yummy.

  4. So glad you're finding good things. That ceramic class sounds like a lot of fun. I hope you'll share your experience and creations with us!

  5. hi I am your newest follower and Have just learnt to crochet! I have been practising the african flowers!

  6. I love the African flowers, and the colors you chose are spectacular.

  7. I love how you guys play board games, you are perfectly matched. :)
    Your Hexis are fantastic. Love your color selection.
    Thank you for the biscuit recipe, I always love it when you share foodie things.
    Have a great weekend.


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