Monday, October 4, 2010

weekend snippets

things i loved this weekend:

starting a new (cable) crochet project

listening to julia and lucas's record collection
(it includes a beatles album bought the day president kennedy was shot)

playing silly games

learning weird trivia (victor hugo's writing habits were among the weirdest)

spending time with good friends (julia and lucas)

eating homemade egg and cheese biscuits

* * * * * 

what's something you loved this past weekend?


  1. Had one of those perfect first fall weekends of the season. Cool but nice went to the farmers market with the kids and then a hay ride all to ourselves nobody else and sunny. Had a wonderful meal with fresh veggies. Sunday a parade and then home to bake yummy goodies bread,pies and cookies. It didn't get any better than that with the little ones. Can't wait to see the hat.

  2. I love how your pattern says..not a beginner pattern..that is for people like me who wish they knew what they were doing.

  3. These are *great* pictures!

    I love your loves.

    I loved cracking open a coconut with The Offspring, missing my man (I know that sounds weird, but it's nice to miss the one you love), and eating sloppy joes.

  4. Good times all around....I want that breakfast biscuit. Yum. What did I love this weekend? The fact that it's getting chilly and I could stay inside and crochet without the guilt of feeling like I had to go out. Ha.

  5. What a great weekend!

    I loved being outside in the cool air with a friend I haven't seen since before summer started:

  6. I want that egg and cheese biscuit. It looks delicious! We had a fabulous time hanging out with you both and I love that our mugs made your blog!!!

  7. Just popped over from another blog. Your pictures are so warm and cozy. Love looking at them. And I'm so jealous of your mad needlework skills. I can knit a little, but it never makes it off the needles.

  8. Oh I want that sandwich badly!


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