Sunday, October 3, 2010

the true identity of the upper arm warmer REVEALED...

It's a coffee press cozy! You guys were all on the right track with your guesses and lots of you were spot on. Thanks for playing along.

K (like a lot of guys) is hard to make things for. He doesn't need (or want) more than one hat or scarf, so coming up with things I can crochet for him is hard. Luckily, we had a shivering French press sitting around, which got my creative wheels turning...

Coffee + pizza for breakfast

K and I have been using a French press for a few years now. We love the more intense flavor we get from steeping the grounds, and since we don't drink a lot of coffee (only 1-2 cups each), the coffee press makes the perfect amount for us. 

If you've used a coffee press before, you know that the coffee can cool off pretty quickly, especially on cold mornings. So, I thought I'd make our press a cozy to keep the coffee warm through fall and winter.

The cable design is adapted the Crochet Cabled Scarf pattern. I just shortened it, added edging, loops, and buttons. You can see more specifics on my modifications here.  

The green wool and wooden buttons give the cozy a woodsy, manly feel. I think this would be right at home in a cabin, with water heated on a woodstove and coffee poured into chunky clay mugs. I'd wrap up in a hand-sewn quilt and sip from the steaming mug as I watched the woods outside the frosted window gather snow. That's the feeling I was trying capture with this cozy.

K loves the cozy, and we've been using it this weekend. The weather has turned cold so suddenly! It feels like fall now. We went shopping for wool coats yesterday, and we're hauling up our winter clothes from the basement today. The chill in the air makes me so happy!


  1. Speaking of hard to make things for, I asked my husband recently to pick a sweater from a new knitting book I got and he literally flipped through it and went, "I'd wear this" then walked away.

  2. I love it! The green color and wooden buttons are a perfect combo. It makes me wish I drank coffee.

    It has cooled to the 80's here. Not quite sweater weather, but after months of 100*+ weather and insane humidity, I'll take it.

    **I hope you get this comment. The Blog Land comment ninjas hijacked my last one.**

  3. Too cute. I think it's funny that you're searching around for new things to crochet. I do the same thing. What a great way to try out a new pattern too. Small is good sometimes. Stay warm dearie!

  4. We got hit by fall this weekend pretty hard and today we're hit by heavy rain :( Oh well. The fall I don't mind.
    The green is beautiful I had no idea what it was that is so clever! Love any excuse to make stuff to crochet to make the home and family a little warmer :)

  5. Awesome! Perfect color too. We converted to French Press coffee about a year ago and haven't looked back. :)


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