Saturday, January 22, 2011

Patchwork Pillow

Last week I turned on my sewing machine for the first time in months. Cold weather makes me want to curl up on the couch with a ball of yarn. The slow pace of crocheting soothes me and snuggling up with quilts and afghans is pretty nice, too. But I had forgotten that sewing has its advantages as well, such as finishing a project in a matter of hours rather than weeks. I cut out the squares for this patchwork pillow one night and sewed the pillow together the next day after work. Nearly instant satisfaction.

I had all of the materials on hand, which helped to make this project so speedy. The pillow form was already on my couch, covered with a black and white IKEA pillowcase that made my couch look a little too serious. The vintage sheets were in my fabric stash. I even got to use a couple of scraps that Jodi sent me. 

This patchwork pillow makes me so happy with all of its pink, yellow, and blue. It's the perfect place to lay my head for a little cat nap. 

I'd like to sew something else soon to keep my momentum, but haven't settled on a project. Do you have any suggestions for a small, quick, and easy sewing project?

* * * * * 

My home decorating skills are pretty limited. I focus on details and have a hard time thinking of the big picture. Plus, I work slowly and gradually so things always look a bit like a work in progress. This latter tendency has left K in the dark about how I plan to decorate our place.

Case in point, a recent conversation between my mom, me, and K.

Mom: So you all are starting to have a lot of yellow in the living room.

Me: Yep.

K: Not on purpose, though.

Me: Of course it's on purpose. 

It seems he thought we just kept coincidentally buying yellow chairs and fabrics and bowls! I think I've set him straight now.   


  1. That's a cute pillow. I'm not much of a seamstress though so I can't give you any ideas. The last (and first) time I used my sewing machine, I sewed a zipper in backwards.

  2. Truly Beautiful patchwork cushion Allison, I love it's feminine look :)

    I also really like your yellow chair, that shade is just so pretty!

  3. So cute!

    Zip pouches, totes, fabric cuffs, potholders, coasters...all pretty quick and easy. Keep that momentum going!

    And I've forgotten to mention just how cute your first pattern turned out. Way to go!

  4. #1 The blog header is adorable
    #2 The pillow is perfect. I love those vintage fabrics.
    #3 One of my favorite quick sewing projects is to make market totes for the farmers market. I try to have a new one each season.


    A little something to keep your hands warm on winter walks!

  6. I'm glad the fabric found a place in your home. And yeah yellow -- it's quickly becoming a favorite here too. Love that conversation. Men.

  7. Allison, you need to come by my blog because "you've won!" I need your mailing address so I can send you this great crochet book and by the way---Congrats!!


  8. I'm also in love with sewing at the moment, and can't wait for those moments during the week when I have the time to get my sewing machine out. I'm not sure about quick projects, as I love sewing little girl's dresses, but I recently had fun sewing a batch of napkins that we desperately needed, and that was a quick (and handy) project!

  9. I am crazy about the fabrics you used in your pillow. How come I never find vintage sheets that look like that?

    How about a table cloth and some napkins - a well dressed table is always uplifting I think.

  10. Hi I think I'm a bit like you..if only mu husband knew what goes on in my head!!

    Love the vintage sheet style.


  11. So sweet! I love the colors. Perfect to offset the white and gray this time of year. I can never find great sheets like that... I am jealous.

  12. Why can't I find cute vintage sheets over here??? That pillow is awesome. I am thinking about sewing a yoga eye pillow and some cat nip toys for my cats... Happy sewing!

  13. Oh it's so pretty and cheery and I love the vintage fabrics. I'm currently sewing up little bean bags with scrap fabrics for my son. Perhaps you could sew a little valance or a small rag rug.

  14. Look at her patchwork pillow (made using an old tablecloth) much like yours:

  15. Oh my gosh!!!! I just made something kind of like this but I turned it into a cat bed- I LOVE your pillow - the fabrics are beautiful:)


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