Monday, January 10, 2011

Winter Walk Mittens

The first days back after a break are always so hard. I'm trying not to moan too much. 

Today will be good. I can feel it. This morning started off with a cup of tea and cinnamon hickory nut bread pudding. Later I'll get to take a freezing cold brisk walk to the bus stop. The best part about the commute is that I'm going to wear my Winter Walk Mittens, which are incredibly cozy and sweet. 

My sister told me these mittens make my hands look endearingly like little kid hands. Ok, I added in the "endearingly" part. I don't care. I'm a mitten person. Don't get me wrong, I'll wear gloves and stand up straight and pay bills like an adult when I have to. But when I can get away with it, I always choose mittens. My hands stay warmer when my fingers all hang out together. Plus, mittens are great to use as extra pockets. In undergrad I had a penchant for stowing away cafeteria food to snack on later, so when my pockets were full of biscuits (true story, those biscuit crumbs never washed out all the way) I would keep candy in the ends of my mittens. I loved having Skittles in my mittens to eat during class. I guess mittens really do bring out the kid in me. 

I'm convinced everybody should make a pair of these Friendship mittens, which are available to download for free. They crochet up quickly and have a really simple construction. There are lots of sizes to choose from and two options of yarn weight. I chose the lightweight version using fingering weight yarn to match my Winter Walk hat. I'm already thinking about making another (slightly bigger) pair. I need more room for candy.


Name: Winter Walk Mittens

Pattern: Friendship Mittens (available for free from Shepherds Crook)

Yarn: Knitpicks Gloss in Porcini

Hook: E (3.5 mm)

Made for: Me

* * * * * 

Are you a mitten or glove person? 


  1. oh so cute! Wish I knew what to do with that pattern...
    I generally where gloves, but that is because I usually need all my fingers individually. I wear a lot of fingerless gloves too for painting and such. But if I could get away with it more - have kid mitten hands sounds nice.

  2. Oh I'm definitely a glove person. My fingers don't get on very well together. Having said that, I may be persuaded to change sides if I had some lovely mittens like this.

  3. I can go either way. I usually go with fingerless gloves, simply because they are more functional and I don't have to remove them.

    But my inner-child is mittens all the way.

  4. How do you find all these wonderful patterns?! I'm now convinced that I should make a pair of friendship mittens too!

  5. Apparently those mittens do bring out the kid in you! I love your Skittles memories. And personally, I'm a mitten-kind-of-person too. Gotta go get this download.

  6. Mittens all the way! Yours are lovely, as is the hat! I think I need to start a pattern queue for all of the lovely crochet patterns you find. Some day I'll get to learning. Stay warm!

  7. these are oh so cute!! I'm with you- mittens for me! have fun making another pair. hoping your week is going well.

  8. I LIKE the way mittens look (cute) but they frustrate me too much to actually wear the. Love the colors...

  9. I agree with you: Mittens!! Much warmer and cozier. And a lot easier to knit too. Have fun with the kid in you!

  10. They seem so fancy in a way. I really like the hat!

  11. I absolutely love the image of you walking around with skittles in your mittens. Perfection. :)

  12. Could you help me along w/ the pattern? I searched the site you gave and could not come up w/ it.

    CraftTeaLady AT yahoo DOT com

    Thank you so much.


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