Wednesday, June 15, 2011

yarn along: sweaters

My Audrey cardigan has been speeding along this week. It actually looks like a sweater now (this was it last week). After the slow-going twisted rib at the bottom, the stockinette portion seems lightning fast. I'm almost to the lace yoke section! I've been knitting this cardigan exclusively (my socks and scarf are on hold) because I love the yellow yarn, and I'm excited to have a new cardigan finished, even if I do have to wait until fall to wear it. With all of the knitting and reading about knitting I've been doing lately, I've figured out that I am a product knitter. While I do enjoy the process of knitting, I mostly knit because I want that cardigan/hat/scarf. 

And you'll notice from the photo that I am reading another knitting book (Yarn Harlot), a children's book (Little House on the Prairie), and listening to Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets. What of it? It's summer, and my reading habits are like being at the state fair. I'm having ice cream, cotton candy, and a funnel cake. I want sweet, fluffy, and mind-numbingly good. Also, all of these fun, light reads balance out the finance book I found myself checking out from the library last night. What's the food equivalent of a finance book? Oatmeal?

* * * 

{sweater soaking}

In other yarny news, I just finished blocking my summer sweater. Yep, that's right. I bit the bullet and wove in all of those ends. I will get some photos soon to show you.

* * * 

Thank you to everyone who offered encouragement about the job interview. I am so glad to have you all cheering me on! Keep thinking good thoughts--there are more interviews to come. 


  1. I am also a product, rather than a process, knitter. I enjoy knitting, but I do it because I want the end result. I love your comparison of your reading choices to the state fair...perfect for summer. :)

  2. You are embracing all things knitted these days. Where's that crochet hook? I loved re-reading the Little House series last winter. Great stories.
    -- Jodi


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