Monday, June 27, 2011

*good day*

celebratory malt

Two good things to tell you.

1. Today I picked up my diploma. It was in the Registrar's office in the basement. "Pomp and Circumstance" played just for me (really) as other students picked up their transcripts and employees typed away at their desks. Such a surreal moment. All said, I'm glad to have it in my hands.

2. I got a job!!! I feel very relieved and excited. The exclamation points could go on for pages. I start next week as a publishing assistant with a small-but-growing company. Thanks for all of your encouragement here. I thought of your kind words before each interview. It made things easier knowing that you all believed in me. (Cheesy, but true.) Thank you, thank you.


  1. CONGRATULATIONS!!! I feel a definite need for a celebration dinner in the near future!!!

    Ice cream definitely sounded like a good choice for tonight!

    Good Luck starting your first day!

    Hugs - Phyllis

  2. Congratulations Allison, that's very exciting news!!

  3. Congratulations on both counts! That's just wonderful!!

  4. That's wonderful! I somehow skipped over this post, so I'm glad I skimmed through older ones in my reader! Congrats! You'll have to tell me more about the job once you start! (it's not letting me post under my name again--it's Jennifer)

  5. Awesome. Simply awesome.

    Welcome to the working club.

  6. Oh, congratulations! All of the hard work and endless reading was worth it. So happy for you!


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