Monday, June 20, 2011

positive outlook

This weekend I rescued a project that has been languishing in my to-do pile since February. It's a cross pillow stuffed with buckwheat hulls and lavender. I have wanted one ever since I came across Liane's shop. K bought me buckwheat hulls and wool felt for my birthday so that I could make my own. I made the pillow out of muslin soon after, but didn't get around to sewing the cover for it. Months passed without progress on the pillow; school and knitting hogged all of my time. But then I came across this sweet bedroom (via emma lamb), and I remembered how much I wanted a cross pillow. I dug out a piece of thrifted canvas, my mom's embroidery thread, and red wool felt and got to work. 

* * * 

After a few hours of cutting and stitching, I've got a pillow that smells wonderfully of lavender. The buckwheat hulls offer great support for my tired neck. So far I've used it for reading and yoga, but I'm looking forward to taking some summer afternoon naps with it. I hope all of that lavender will make for sweet dreams.

* * * 

Finishing this project felt very satisfying. I'm going through other unfinished things to see what I can finish next. I've got a crocheted lap blanket that just needs ends woven in and a bookmark that I promised K years ago. Maybe posting about these perpetual works in progress will motivate me to complete them. 

Do you have any projects languishing that you'd like to finish? 


  1. Where is the tutorial?! And where on earth do you buy buckweat hulls? (can't say I've ever heard of them, but perhaps I've become a little too cozy living under my rock) I'd love a lavendar scented pillow!

  2. I found buckwheat hulls on amazon. K bought 2 pounds, so I have enough left over to make another pillow. Maybe I can do a photo tutorial next time. I learned from some mistakes I made this time.

  3. I have about ten things in process- a quilt (hahaha, at least I have the fabric picked out!) business card holder, bookmarks, shorts for my daughter... nothing is getting sewn because the garden needs too much work!

  4. I'm going to have to look into making a pillow like this....You can never, ever have too many pillows. And as far as my unfinished pile goes....I'm so unmotivated to finish this Christmas afghan I started many moons ago. If I could just get it done, I could move on to so many more fun projects.
    -- Jodi

  5. Too many things in progress to mention! Just finished one that, like yours, had been hanging around since Feb. I love your red sweater from your last post. It almost makes me want to knit myself a sweater, but I know how that'd work out - another unfinished WIP!

  6. Oh what a fantastic idea, I love it!

    I have far too many WIPs that need finishing up, including two baby blankets (one of which I currently cannot locate) which desperately need finishing before September arrives! But I just have so many things I want to make that I find it hard to stick to one project at a time and flit between them all and end up with many half-finished items littering my house!

    Glad to have found your blog :)

  7. love those cushion cover. Very creative.


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