Thursday, June 2, 2011

the bookish lamb

This little lamb is newly born, but he already loves books. He climbs mountains of paperbacks, beds down amongst pages, and every so often nibbles a tasty word. He likes galloping along bookshelves and cuddling up to listen to a favorite read. So sweet, this bookish lamb.

He has found a home with my cousin's eight-month-old son, where I know he will get lots of snuggles and play time. 

Now I think I need a bookish lamb of my own. Do you need one, too? All you need is a few sewing supplies, wool felt, embroidery floss, and this free pattern


  1. He is a precious little thing. Snuggles are definitely in order. Have a lovely weekend Allison!

  2. This is very sweet. I think it will be well received. I love what you are doing with your menu planning around the CSA. I will be shifting my planning as well as the garden and markets send all this greenery my way.

  3. He is so cute and you definitely need one Bookish Lamb. And a second so they can play together.

  4. He's definitely in need of a companion.

    -- Jodi

  5. So adorable! I must make one!


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