Tuesday, March 1, 2011

weekend snippets + menu: city and country edition

Pink Palace on St. James Court

So it's Tuesday and I'm still basking in the glow of my incredibly full weekend. I wish the events had been spread over many weekends so I could have spent more time enjoying each experience instead of rushing around and exhausting myself. Oh well, happy exhaustion isn't too bad, is it?

We had friends from out of town staying with us, so we got to show them around and play tourists in our own town. We strolled around Old Louisville to take in the Victorian architecture and the local color (haha--I'm talking about you, Pink Palace!). 

Then we drove downtown where our new German friend made himself right at home with the World's Largest Baseball Bat. We also spotted the 21c's bejeweled limo. 

Hood and bumper

(A sidenote: I am dying to stay at the 21c. I don't usually go in for fancy-schmancy hotels or restaurants, but I'll totally make an exception for the 21c. I think a free night in exchange for a glowing review on this little craft blog is completely fair. 21c people, contact me!).

I squeezed in some knitting time in my spare moments. This thick green sock is the one I'm knitting for class. The worsted weight yarn and chunky needles make it easier and quicker than the sock weight version I've been working on. Knitting class has been so much fun! So far I've had two sock classes--in the first we learned to cast on and knit the leg and in the second we learned how to make the heel. In the final class we'll do the toe and finish the sock! That's right, after three classes I will have precisely one sock. 

Maple tea

As if all the running around town weren't enough, Mom, Julie, K, and I headed to the Sugarbush Festival to gorge ourselves on local maple syrup. After stuffing ourselves with syrup-drenched waffles and maple tea, we decided to partake in the woodsy activities. Julie threw tomahawks and we both took up a saw to cut our own slice of wood. We are such city girls. The festival continues next weekend, so if you're in the Southern Indiana area, check it out.

What moments are you savoring from this weekend?

* * * * * 

Weekly Menu

Sunday: Veggie burgers, mashed potatoes, salad

Monday/Tuesday: Tomato and Mushroom Soup with lime, quesadillas

Wednesday: U of L game night/excuse to eat nachos for dinner

Thursday/Friday: Vegetable Lo Mein


  1. Sounds like a fun weekend! Any maple sugar candy at the maple syrup festival? I used to love that when I was a kid, it just melts in your mouth. Have a great day. :-)

  2. What a fun blog you have. Thank you for visiting me-it gave me the opportunity to see where you post. Love that you are taking sock lessions. They are quite addictive..just a warning.
    BTW- interested in your veggie burger recipe. Care to share? I have been looked for a new one.

  3. Wow! What a weekend! We're planning on heading to the festival this weekend, so I may have some pics on my blog next :)

    I'm really liking your weekly menu; when I start to cook again , I may need to do the same thing :D The recipe for Veggie Lo Mein sounds really good, so I'm putting that on my to-make list for the future. Thanks for sharing!

  4. Your sister looks dressed too nicely to be using a saw like that! You were much more appropriately attired! I forgot about Louisville Sluggers. They make Rawlings-Adirondack bats a few miles from here -- that's a big competitor, you know? I can't wait for maple sugar season to come my way. Maybe in April.

  5. That was a busy weekend..! I love that you're taking a knitting class and teaching a crochet class.... and I adore the cuff/bracelet you made for your sister.

    much love,

    ps: and I KNOW those 21c people will call you. I just do. :)

  6. Hi Allison, I would like to pass on to you a Stylish Blogger Award. Congrats, I hope you accept! Your blog is always colourful and inspiring - and a pleasure to visit. I was told the following in regard to copying the award image ... please pop over to my blog to read about it and to copy the award picture. Have a fab day.

  7. Great photo of you with that huge saw...looks like you had a fun weekend! I love love love maple syrup. We're hoping to go this coming Saturday to a maple syrup the woods!

  8. I'd love to take a knitting class! Especially one so project centered.

    Do you have a good veggie burger recipe? I'm on the hunt. I know it will never be a hamburger, but the last two I've made were not even in the same category.

  9. I remember the big bat when I lived in Clarksville, IN!!!!! Loved seeing your photos, brings back memories! I loved Louisville. I used to eat at a little hippy cafe there, can't remember the name........

  10. Wonderful chunky sock! i so need to take a crochet class - Love the cuff bracelet you made! I hope you get a chance to stay at the museum hotel - it looks like such an amazing place.


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