Sunday, March 27, 2011

(tea) party of one

green tea waiting on the kettle

i often have tea parties just for myself.

almost as often, i leave a cup of tea to steep in the kitchen only to remember it an hour later.

last week i remembered in time and took photos to share. huzzah.



my south bay shawl served as an impromptu living room picnic blanket.

 drink up

Drinking tea on my living room floor isn't a daily habit, but I do have a cup of tea nearly every day. I think my favorite part is wrapping my hands around a warm mug and feeling the heat rise through my body. It's such a soothing moment.

What's your daily ritual?

* * * * * 

Not pictured: 

Spilling tea into my new rain boots. Bah. How will I ever keep my feet dry if I'm pouring liquid into the boots???

My attempts at taking a photo with both hands in the picture. I only succeeded in snapping photos of the ceiling. (Sorry about dropping the camera, K. If we get a new one I promise to take better care of it.) 


  1. What lovely tea things you have! So delightful.

    I hope your boots and camera are okay!

  2. What fun....Your own tea party! I'm trying to think of what makes up my daily ritual. I'm adament about having a family dinner each night. My husband works evenings, but I somehow manage to get the kids to the table around 5:30 each evening.

  3. I'd enjoy a cup of tea with you...that's a lovely teapot and mug...and shawl...and pretty flowers!!!

  4. Gorgeous shots! I have a lovely little green tea set as well. I haven't used it in a while. Maybe I should have a little tea time this afternoon! My ritual, when I'm home during the day, stealing a few minutes in my favorite chair with a book or my knitting while my babes nap. Lovely!


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