Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Spring Snow Cake

Last spring I came across the most beautiful cake. It was my dream cake. Simple and unfussy. Adorned with flowers. Plain and sweet. I knew that I had to make one for myself. 

So I did. 

I had to wait a year until the violets were in bloom again, but it was worth it. 

On Sunday morning we woke up to a sprinkling of spring snow, so when I baked this cake later that afternoon I couldn't help thinking that it looked like ice-crusted violets peeking their heads up out of the snow. Hence the name, Spring Snow Cake.

The cake is a lemon yogurt cake. I thought I was trying out a new recipe, but it turns out the yogurt cake in Baking From My Home to Yours is the same as this one, which I've made lots of times. Oh well. It's still good.

I dressed up the cake with a lemon buttercream frosting. Last week one of my co-workers brought in strawberry cupcakes topped with this lemon frosting and she passed along the recipe to me. It's this one, though I halved it for this single layer cake.

I decorated my cake with sugared violets because I have also been waiting a year to make this old-fashioned treat after reading about it here.

I broke out my Liberty tea pot and Woodfield teacups for a celebratory tea party. This time it was a tea party for two. While I like contemplative tea parties of one, I love the coziness of tea for two. 

Sugared Violets

handful of violets
1 egg white
small bowl of sugar
wax paper

Pluck the violets from their stems and gently wash the flowers. Let dry on a clean towel.

Whisk egg white until frothy. 

Paint violets front and back with the egg white. After painting, place each flower in the sugar bowl and toss lightly to coat. Let dry on wax paper overnight.

Use your crunchy flower candy for decorating desserts of all kinds.

* * * * * 

I feel like each year I become more enamored with spring (but don't worry, Fall, you're still my favorite). I love spotting (and picking) new flowers in bloom and seeing fluffy-breasted birds return to the still-bare tree branches. 

What signs of spring are you enjoying? 


  1. Real violets? I knew they were edible but have never tried them...this sounds sweet and is so lovely! Mmm...lemon and yogurt, sounds scrumptious!!! Your Liberty teapot is beautiful. I just love Liberty grandma used to have lots of old Liberty silk scarves and bags...reminds me of her.

  2. this looks too pretty to eat! buuut i would have maybe tried a bite ;)

  3. That's an absolutely beautiful cake. Mine always turn out dry. Maybe if I paid extra close attention, I could make one like you!

  4. I am enjoying the seedlings on my kitchen table- a sure sign of spring!

  5. It looks beautiful. I may try those sugared violets!

  6. Your knitting is ammazing. And if I cooked/backed I would want to make pretty baked thing just like you!
    Love, camille!

  7. It is such a dainty cake! Love it.

    Your tea time is perfect.

  8. Absolutely beautiful and quite delicate - totally your style. Looks delicious!


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