Tuesday, June 15, 2010

weekly wanderings: signs on the way to the farmers' market

I've actually never eaten here, but have heard it's great for a middle of the night snack

I've been out exploring the world on my own two feet again. I love walking, but the heat and humidity of Kentucky in the summer is already putting my love to the test. This past week just stepping outside was enough to make me break a sweat, so walks have had to be taken in the early morning or evening hours. I've been lucky enough to catch a couple of breezes on my strolls, making them much more bearable.

I remembered to take my camera along last weekend when K and I headed out to the farmers' market. I snapped photos of things along the way that I love. Our neighborhood houses lots of local businesses and quirky folks. The photos look a bit gray because the sky was heavy with rain during our walk and just as we were nearing the market I had to put the camera away because the clouds opened up and rained all over us.

One of my favorite places

I would love to peek inside this place

Kizito Cookies store, beautifully painted designs

Queen of Rags (vintage clothes shop) window

A musical landmark in Louisville, soon to move

X marks the spot?

* * * 

Did you do any wandering this week? What did you see?

I hope you've had cooler, drier walks than I've had!

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  1. FUN!~great of you to bring your camera long and share all these colourful places with us! :)

  2. I love these! Its so great getting to see what catches your eye.

  3. Such an interesting walk! My neighborhood is so ho-hum and boring. And really, there's not much to this village I live in. You have interest on every corner. I really like the paint combination on the pyschic's house.

  4. I love that burrito sign. Although, I doubt I'd want to eat a burrito the size of my head late at night.

    I would love to visit your neighborhood. It looks very quirky and quaint.


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