Monday, June 28, 2010

weekly wanderings: red, white and blue

This week K and I were out running errands just before the USA/Ghana World Cup match. We live by so many bars and people were out drinking in the early afternoon, sporting their patriotic colors, parading down the streets with fireworks, and waving American flags from their cars. It was such a sight to see! I immediately started looking for things based on this red, white and blue theme and suddenly I was spotting these colors everywhere.

This was the first time in a long time that I have been sorely tempted to drive instead of walk to complete nearby errands. K and I had already walked a couple of miles to and from the farmers' market that morning and it was so steamy outside that I just wanted to drive the rent check the short distance to our landlord's office. But I couldn't help thinking of the oil spill in the gulf and how reducing the amount of oil I use is always a good thing. When I think of the oil spill I feel so helpless and small; I just don't know what to do. Walking instead of driving to nearby places is something immediate that I can do for my own health and the health of the environment.

Where have you been wandering lately? What have you been spotting?


  1. i love those old red, white and blue things at the old barber shops (what are they called?), love the houses and your other finds...very cool!

  2. I love this and so know what you mean by feeling so small. It's such a helpless feeling. I truly believe we can help in small ways! I've wandered to the local fabric shop: and all about my neighborhood: !

  3. Fantastic pictures! I love them all...

    I'd love to visit your town. It looks oh so quaint.

  4. I love those old houses. Such detail that is just missing from modern construction. Your really capturing the flavor of your town.

  5. Beautiful photos. And in terms of your walking instead of driving - I just heard a report that found that individuals who took public transportation (I can't remember what city) following the introduction of a train service into their community lost weight compared to those who didn't. And they were only walking about a mile per day more. Pretty good in all sorts of ways!


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