Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Thrifting + giveaway winner

 Lately I've been finding lots of good things at thrift shops.  Here are some things I found last week. Most all are from my favorite vintage shop, Tickled Pink. If you live in Louisville, I highly recommend stopping there sometime. The guy that runs the shop is so down-to-earth and passionate about vintage things. Plus, the prices are really affordable and the stock moves fast, meaning that each time I go in it's like entering a new shop.

I found some great textiles--a bit of old feedsack cloth, a scarf, and cloth map of New Zealand, which I have vague notions of someday incorporating into a travel quilt along with reminders of all the other places K and I have traveled. A scrapbook quilt, if you will.

I picked up quite a few doilies (the owner of Tickled Pink said they sell around 5,000 doilies a month!), some simple egg cups, and a pretty tin. We'll get back to the tin in a minute...

K and I have also had a lot of fun shopping for used records. There are actually lots of places in our neighborhood to find records, but we spent hours this weekend hunting for some real bargains at a peddlers' mall. K is very selective in the records he buys, while I want to buy everything cool I find. 

Lately I've been looking for older stuff and I scored quite a few good albums. The Nat King Cole one from 1963 is just perfect for summer--so carefree! The back cover reads: "So break open the popcorn, fill up a giant-size pitcher with root beer, and listen to some of the happiest music in a long, warm century of summers." When K saw that line he said the record sounds like it was made especially for me. And yes, I love it. I also like the super sweet 1937 sounds of the Andrews Sisters. Their music is absolutely perfect to listen to while baking a pie. 

The record I'm most excited about finding is the Crosby-Clooney one from 1958, which I recently read was Rosemary's favorite recording.  I had my fingers crossed that I'd find one of Rosemary's albums and am so happy I did!

Now back to that tin. I typed up the names of everyone who left a comment on my giveaway post, put the slips of paper in this tin, and had K pick one out.

The winner is Chrissy! Congrats Chrissy, I'll get your goodies in the mail soon. 

Thank you to everyone who entered the giveaway. I appreciate all of your comments so much, and I especially liked reading what you like and dislike about blogs. 

Thank you again for reading my blog! I love getting your comments and emails and reading your blogs, too. I have been so inspired and encouraged by all of you who stop by this space and take the time to read my posts. Thank you!


  1. What finds! I love those little egg cups...Are they milk glass?

    Blog Land is a pretty nice place to visit on a regular basis. I've always enjoyed my stops here.

  2. Yay Chrissy! And oh my goodness what a fabulous tin!

  3. I'm so excited! Thanks so much. And, LOVE the egg cups.

  4. great finds. I especially love the records. My husband and I have a great collection also unfortunatly our record player is out of commission right now. Such great tunes you picked out!!

  5. It's like a treasure hunt for adults in your neck of the woods. My thrifting expeditions have been pretty lame of late -- there's nothing much there any more. Yes, I'm a little jealous of your treasure trove.

  6. Great treasures! I miss that about living in town... This is how I draw my winners also! Oh, I'm gearing up for another giveaway soon!
    Love the travel quilt idea! XO

  7. Lovely thrifty finds! I think I have the exact same octagonal tin (top left in the picture). I've had it since I was a kid. What are the odds?

  8. I love the travel quilt idea..! And that map of New Zealand will be perfect. NZ is definitely on my list. Some day...


  9. Hey there! Just had to write and say how much I enjoyed the photo of K with the flowers. It definitely made me smile! (And remind me how much I miss you guys!!)

    Keep on enjoying summer and sharing it with us followers!


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