Saturday, June 5, 2010

On the hooks

I thought I'd share some crochet things that have been keeping my hands busy lately. The first is a granny square pillow cover. I bought some large, flat pillows at a thrift store that I'm using as floor pillows in the living room. I often find myself spread out on the hardwood floors working on crafty projects and needed something cushiony to make my work time a bit more comfortable. The pillows I found are plain black and that certainly wasn't fitting with my desire to surround myself with color, so I decided some pillow covers were in order. This is the first--the second will also be crocheted but I haven't decided on the pattern yet. Any suggestions?

The granny square pattern I'm using is the Grandma All-Square tutorial from Michelle of The Royal Sisters blog. The tutorial includes information about how to connect the squares as you go, which still feels like magic to me. Michelle's got lots of crochet tutorials if you're looking for something new to try.

My plan for the back of this pillow cover is to do granny stripes! I'm really excited to give it a go. Lucy of Attic 24 has got a pattern up for the stripes.

I've also been working on a ripple blanket for my cousin's little boy, due to arrive at the end of September. I just love crocheting ripples--they're so easy, breezy, and fun. I'm making the stripes in random widths for this little blanket.

What's in your project pile these days?


  1. Can't wait to scurry over to the tutorial on connecting as you make the squares! What a great idea. I love your color choices, especially on the baby blanket. So light and summery! Your work is so neat and beautiful.

  2. I love that little ripple blanket! It's going to be so sweet!

  3. The ripple blanket colors are so fabulous. Perfect for a little boy.

  4. Love all those projects! Great color choices...

    I've got a couple of things in the works: some potholders and then a little something that I will post about in the next couple of days...and will involve a give-away (shhhh).

    And I've been bit by the sewing bug again. I have some patterns & fabric set out for some serious clothes making sessions.

    I've said that before...I'll see if summer life gets in the way.

  5. I'm working on a couple of collages and trying to get back to a christmas stocking that is only half stitched...

    I'm trying to organize and slow down on my projects so they all get done before adding more. I'm very good at starting things... not so much on the follow through!

  6. I love, Love, LOVE your afghans. (You knew I would!). I checked out the Royal Sisters and I'm so ready to try out this new grannie design. Thank you SO much for sharing this site -- a whole new world has opened!


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