Wednesday, March 28, 2012

And it was all yellow...

{forsythia in the sky}

{best pizza place in the woods}

 {backyard surprise}

{woodsy yellow}


  1. I love all your yellow! The socks look great.
    Have a lovely yarn along day.

  2. What a great yellow post! I'm not that much of a yellow lover, but I really like the woodsy yellow picture and that sock! What a great pattern!

  3. so pretty...I love yellow...are those socks you're knitting?

  4. Love all the yellows! That sock is just gorgeous.

  5. LOVE all the yellow!! And that mac and cheese looks scrumptious! :)

  6. I love all the sunny yellow of this post.

    Panera Bread gave out their mac & cheese recipe?! Holy Horse! I HAVE to try this. I love their mac & cheese.

  7. ... and who knew that yellow is truly all around us! Great pics -- thanks. Oh, and I just love your sock.

  8. I like your socks! don't know what it is about your blog, but it makes me feel relaxed. Is that weird? Everything here is just so sunny and calming...

  9. It says a lot about you that your favorite color is yellow. :) Love it all. Not sure which I am more in love with the mac n cheese or the socks...okay the socks!
    Love them!!!

  10. love yellow, what a cheery post!

  11. LOVE all the yellow! And love your title, that's a good song :] I'm going to have to try that mac n' cheese; I've been on the hunt for a good, easy homemade recipe. Those socks are gorgeous, too! Now that I feel I've mastered the *idea* of socks (aka, I can knit a basic sock), I need to start learning how to knit embellishments in them :)

    Thanks for the sunny, inspiring post!


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