Sunday, March 4, 2012

first flowers of spring

I've finally put my snow dreams to rest for the season. Instead I've turned my thoughts to spring--digging in the dirt, identifying the mysterious green shoots sprouting in my backyard, and crafting with colorful yarn.

Last weekend I went to the craft store to look for sewing and jewelry-making supplies to make a Scalloped Dresden bag and cross stitched jewelry. Unfortunately, I couldn't find all of the supplies for either project. Sometimes when I go to big craft stores, I get overwhelmed looking at all of the supplies and end up in the yarn aisle. The yarn aisle comforts me. I know what to do with yarn. So that's what happened last weekend. I came out of the store with a giant bag of yarn and no sewing or jewelry supplies. Again.

As soon as I got home, I broke out my crochet hook and dug into that bag of yarn. An indoor garden soon bloomed as these crocheted flowers flew off my hook. The African Flower Hexagon pattern is quick to learn and easy to memorize. This crocheted garden is a lot less work than the actual garden I'm planning!

* * * * *

What are you up to these days? I'm hoping to fill my Sunday with working in the yard, making cheese, baking bread, browsing at the thrift store, knitting socks, crocheting flowers, and cleaning up the house.  Even if I only check a couple of these things off the list, I'll be happy.

* * * * *

I also want to say that my thoughts are with the people affected by the strong tornadoes that ripped through the area this week. The scenes of destruction look unreal, and I can't fathom how much hard work and resilience it will take for the people and towns to recover. I'm so grateful Louisville did not get hit by the storms. I hope you are safe and happy wherever you are!


  1. Your flowers are so beautiful, and your weekend sounds sublime. Mines involved swimming, going for a long bushwalk, and staying home snuggling with the small one when it rained watching How to Train your Dragon. It was awesomely nice!

  2. Did you get snow this morning? Such a lovely surprise. I just posted a picture of my girls with a little snowman we made today on my blog:
    I ♥ your crocheted flowers!

  3. Those african flowers are lovely. I hope to get round to a blanket made of those one day.

  4. Now this is my kind of flower garden something I can't kill in the winter :)

  5. Wonderful blog!! You're very talented! It's always good to find fellow KY bloggers on here :) Keep up the good work!!


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