Wednesday, March 7, 2012

yarn along: socks and strangers

Joining Ginny in the Yarn Along today.

This week my hands are busy knitting my second rainbow sock. Those stripes and cheerful colors help me keep my momentum.  I hope that I'll have a new pair of socks to wear this weekend.

If you like weird books (I know I do!), check out It Chooses You. It's a book Miranda July came up with while procrastinating. Instead of revising a screenplay, she began interviewing people who placed ads in the PennySaver. She met a motley crew and shares their infinitely interesting stories and photos in this book. I read it on the bus and couldn't help wondering what stories the other passengers would tell if I asked. I didn't ask, though. I've got a policy of only talking to fellow knitters on the bus. They seem the most harmless.

* * * * * 

Do you talk to strangers? Have you met anyone interesting lately? 


  1. ♥ those rainbow socks rock!!! I do like to meet new people, I'm not sure about talking to strangers, though, I feel like we have to have something in common first...

  2. Sounds like a good one, I'm going to check it out! I rarely talk to strangers unless they're in the yarn aisle, I'm too shy to just start talking to someone but yarn seems to make me more brave.

  3. I liked the look of that book so much, I brought it!! it's winging it's way across the sea to me (or it will be when someone far far away prints out the order and packages it).

    I love that kind of book. did you ever read "Riding in buses with my sister"? amazing amazing book. I seriously recommend it.

  4. Beautiful rainbow socks and almost finished. I do talk to complete strangers. Mainly in bus queues. I used to catch the same bus for years and talked happily to the fellow travellers in the queue. Strangely, I knew their children's favourite colours but not the name of the people I talked to!

    I receive a Freegle/Freecycle email digest every day. I find the wants and offers fascinating, sometimes. I can't help wondering why a person is parting with an item or why they had it in the first place! There must be some interesting stories behind some of the items. I think I should take a look at your book recommendation!

  5. I adore people and love hearing their stories. Just yesterday I sat in the cutest little cafe eating my crab cakes and talking to 2 people about how Key West trumps Tampa or Pensacola or even Panama City, mainly because the people here are so very nice.

  6. Love the socks!!

    I usually don't start a conversation with someone, although I don't mind talking to people - with the exception of when I'm on the bus. I see it as completely "my time" - I don't have to answer to anyone or do anything, just sit for a while. So I spend the time reading and thinking and don't really want to make contact with anyone for the ride. (But of course, I'm not mean or rude if someone speaks to me.)

  7. Crochet with RaymondMarch 9, 2012 at 2:09 PM

    oh my, that rainbow sock yarn is just amazing! Love it!

  8. I loooove those rainbow socks!

    The idea for that book is very cool. I would talk to strangers in that context but otherwise I'm a bit on the quiet side....

  9. I am like you, I try not to talk to strangers on the bus. They always seem to strike up a convo with me when I am knitting.
    Love your book choice, I am going to pick it up, sounds too interesting not too.
    Now since it is me,self proclamed sock addict, you know I am completely drooling over those socks!


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