Wednesday, January 18, 2012

yarn along: trade secrets

I've been secretly knitting for Amy this week. She sews. I knit. We decided to trade. She posted  a sneak peek of what she's been sewing, so I thought I'd return the favor.

I won't say much about the project I'm knitting because I don't want to spoil the surprise for Amy. She told me she favors neutrals, plum, and rose, so I hope this color will suit her. The knitting is simple, but constructed in a pretty interesting way. Garter stitch, ribbing, and lots of short rows. I finally understand short rows! For this project they add a cozy fullness.

This week I am reading We Took to the Woods thanks to a recommendation from Liesl. If you enjoy reading about people living in the woods, this book is for you. I happen to love reading "roughin' it memoirs" as Liesl calls them. This book has been my refuge at work this week. Lately I've been making sure to take my breaks (I sometimes forget) and for fifteen minutes I get to imagine myself in the Maine woods, chopping firewood, knitting, and getting snowed in. The loveliest moments of my workday!

I also devoured Made from Scratch, a book about homesteading also recommended by Liesl. It was fun to live vicariously through the author as she raised chickens, attempted beekeeping, adopted Angora rabbits, and played a bevy of stringed mountain instruments.

* * * 

Yarning along with Ginny today.

What are you making/reading this week?



  1. Oh, that color is exactly the sort of color I would pick!! I love it. And I think I might have to see if our library has that book because it sounds like something I would enjoy also! I'm so excited!

  2. Secret knitting! What a fun trade. Hope she likes it.

  3. I'm dying to know what you are knitting now that you will not share....How fun to be sharing talents !!


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