Wednesday, January 11, 2012

yarn along: cables and lace

My bus rides this week have been spent knitting the Hermione Hearts Ron hat, a delicate cable and lace beanie inspired by one Emma Watson wore in Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince. The hat indulges my Harry Potter nerdiness and satisfies my cable obsession. I can't wait till it's done so I can wear it! It'll complete the cream hat, cowl, and fingerless glove set I'm making for myself. Although I'm also considering adding mittens and leg warmers to the set, so maybe complete is the wrong word.

This week I've been reading through seed catalogs and dreaming up where to plant all the flowers, vegetables, and herbs that I want. We have a tiny yard, so it'll be tough to squeeze in everything, but with some planning I think I can do it. The problem with seed catalogs (especially this one) is that the descriptions of plants make me fall in love with each one. I want ALL of them.

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What are you making/reading this week?


  1. I heart that hat! It's looking gorgeous. I made a Hermione inspired beret a couple weeks ago. I didn't realize the fictional girl was a fashion icon to the knitting community! I suppose that's a compliment to the costume designer of the film.

  2. You've reminded me to order that catalog again. Don't have the latest issue. The hat is so pretty. I bookmarked it. Thanks.

  3. That pattern is on my Ravelry queue just waiting for me to cast one. Love yours!

  4. Gosh, you're a speedy knitter. Thanks to you, I'm practicing cables (without a cable needle) right now!
    This hat is beautiful.
    And we're picking out seeds now too. So exciting! Definitely planting some butternut squash. And trying to talk my Dad into doing onions and an asparagus bed again. (He complains that he's never had much luck with either so there is no point in bothering--I personally want to try!)

  5. I know how you feel about the seed savers....we went to the Baker Seed place in Missouri last husband spend $200 on seeds alone! Mostly heirloom.
    I love having a garden and eating out of the backyard! You will, too, I'm sure!!!
    P.S. I posted my yarn along:

  6. I have the exact same problem - loving the seed catalog too much. I found a neat garden plan at Mother Earth Magazine that I am thinking about adapting to my yard. Changing the shapes and stuff, but it plans out second and third plantings in each bed.

    All cream Allison, it looks great!

  7. I love that pattern.. I am so into cables right now. Beautiful!

  8. The stitch definition on the hat is incredible!! Lovely work :)

  9. It's going to be so pretty! I'm obsessed with finding a crochet pattern for a headband/kerchief-thing that Suki on the Gilmore Girls wears. It's lacy and lovely and my life is not complete without it!

  10. That is sooo crazy. I was going to cast on this hat again yesterday with off white yarn! Instead I cast on a pattern called Pasha with off white yarn. That was surreal seeing yours-which is lovely! :)


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