Sunday, January 15, 2012

snow day set

{snow day set, ready and waiting}

We got a dusting of snow this week. School let out two hours early. No joke. People in Louisville go a little crazy at the prospect of snow. We rush out for milk and bread, cancel school, and batten down the hatches at the mention of a flake. 

By happy coincidence, I finished up my cowl and hat just before our tiny winter storm. I got in a few extra hours of knitting because I stayed home sick one day this week. I knitted rounds on my hat in between fever dreams. I always think a bit of myself goes into each thing I craft, so perhaps memories of those bizarre dreams are tangled up in the stitches. Fantastical images of the moon falling down and then bouncing right back up into the sky. Then there was the dream where I was tiny and traveling through my own synapses and muscles looking for the root of my sickness. I haven't had a fever in over a decade, and I hope I don't have one for another 10 years. Fevers are weird and exhausting.

Now that the fever is gone I can comfortably wear my Hermione Hat. I absolutely love it! The plump cables wind their way to the top where they form a snowflake design. The pattern was very easy to follow and quick to make without a cable needle. 

The Cloud Cowl doubles as a chunky knitted necklace. I thought about blocking it, but actually like the way it looks unblocked. Maybe when I want a change I'll block it.

I'm ready for the snow! Come on, winter...


Frosting (cowl)

Grandma Hearts (bunting, first photo)


  1. You did a lovely job....I need to bundle up here in NY today. It was 10 below when I let the dog out.

  2. How beautiful! I'm enjoying cables---though leaving loose stitches is scary when doing so without a cable needle! I have a couple slouchy cable hats in my queue ready to give a go.

  3. I long for snow,'s been a mild winter so far....I love the picture of you in your green coat with the cowl and hat on!

  4. Beautiful set! They match perfect with your coat; you are definitely ready for some snow. Have fun!

  5. I was just thinking about making myself something, the walk into school is long and windy, but once inside I am stuck carrying my coat the whole day. I am thinking the cowl will be the perfect addition to my winter wardrobe.

  6. I love the hat, looks great on you


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