Monday, June 22, 2009

A New Living Room

KARLSTAD Sofa cover POÄNG Chair cushion

ALÄNG Table lamp
The pillow is not actually bigger than our couch

3 hours of driving (round-trip)
+ 3 hours at ikea
+ 3 hours of hot, sweaty putting-things-together work
our new living room

Lots of black, white, and gray for now because I want this stuff to last us a while, and this way we can reinvent it with pops of color.

In addition to the new furniture, we also stream-lined our living room. We got rid of some space hogs, like the sawhorses that were serving as a computer desk, and did quite a bit of rearranging. The results are so wonderful. We have a lot more space to move about and laze around.

I'd like to get some art on the walls. Right now we have lots of maps up, which I love, but there is still a lot of blank wall space. When I say "blank," I mean covered in busy vintage wallpaper. Since we're renters and not planning to take down this wallpaper, I like to treat it as a neutral. Those blue and yellow flowers go with everything, I tell you.

K and I both have some plans for making our little living room a place to call home. I'm planning to make some throw pillows with the doilies from our wedding, and some curtains would be nice, too. K is getting some woodworking lessons from his dad and plans to make a magazine rack and coffee table. I'm so glad we're making this space our own. We had only planned to live here for a few months, but now we're going to be here for another year, so we're making it as comfortable as we can.

* * * * *

All the pictures are from Ikea's website except the pillow. I couldn't find it on Ikea's site but I did find it at


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