Tuesday, June 2, 2009

A Mad Dash from January to June

In January 2009, an ice storm hit Louisville hard. There were massive power outages that lasted for a week (or more). Extended families gathered together in whichever house happened to have electricity. Others stayed in shelters.

K and I were really lucky to have power throughout the storm and aftermath. We put on our snowboots and enjoyed the winter wonderland. We walked the couple of blocks to my dad's place and spent 6 hours watching Lonesome Dove. We roasted sweet potatoes and ate macaroni and cheese. We were like little kids having a snow day.

We don't have central heat in our house, but we do have large gas heaters that kept the kitchen and bedroom fairly toasty during the winter. We also wrapped up in quilts and made lots of tea.

One night during the ice storm K brought me a cup of Earl Grey tea in my new favorite teacup. When I picked up the cup to take a sip, I saw a ring on the saucer! He got down on one knee to ask me officially to marry him, though he already knew my answer would be a resounding, "Yes!"
We wanted a short engagement, so we quickly set the date for only 4 months away. We didn't want a lot of fuss about our wedding, and limiting the engagement time really did keep things under control. We emailed out this Scrabble picture to our friends and family.I already had this dress, which I bought on sale last summer knowing that I'd wear it at my wedding. It's super simple. I also picked up a black ruffly bolero to wear over it.

Here are the shoes and purse I bought as my wedding accessories. I got the purse at Tickled Pink, my favorite thrift store. The clip-on earring in the middle (a flea market find) is now the centerpiece of my pearl wedding necklace.
I can't believe the day is almost here. Everyone asks if we're nervous, but both K and I feel really good about the wedding. We don't have any doubts about each other (6 years together, the last three living together, have given us a lot of confidence in our relationship). I know I'd feel a little nervous if we were having a traditional wedding, but we're keeping it very low-key. A 5-10 minute ceremony followed by a party. No tossing of things, toasts, or spotlight dances, just family and friends, beer and wine, sandwiches and fruit trays, dancing and laughing. I'm looking forward to it.

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  1. How sweet! I just stumbled upon this post from "You might also like" below another recent post and am so tickled that I found your proposal! Thank you for this little treat; it reminds me to remember those precious milestones in one's relationship :)


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